The Santa Clauses Season 2: Creator Hints at the Possibility of Continuing Calvin’s Story

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The Santa Clauses just premiered its first two episodes on Disney+, but creator Jack Burditt has already been hinting at the possibility of having The Santa Clauses Season 2.

Dubbed a limited series, The Santa Clauses only has six episodes to feature. So, will Scott Calvin (Tim Allen), aka Santa Clause, return for another Christmas adventure in The Santa Clauses Season 2?


The Possibility of Doing The Santa Clauses Season 2

Allen is again seen in his Santa suit 16 years after The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause.

This time, he has lost his Christmas spirit and decided to leave everything about Santa behind him.

However, things started going out of hand, forcing him to save Christmas again.


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The Santa Clauses will expand Calvin’s story to reveal the importance of being Santa to him and possibly give closure to the legacy of his iconic character.

Though it was originally a limited series, Burditt told Deadline that it could feature more stories in the future.

“We did not make it impossible to make a second season,” he said. “I do think we give a good beginning, middle, and end to the season, but we did not close any doors.”

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Is The Santa Clauses Season 2 Needed?

Allen has been known for playing the role of Santa since 1994, when the first The Santa Clause movie was out.


Fans of the franchise would surely love to see The Santa Clauses Season 2, but it must tell a compelling story instead of just doing so for the sake of it.

In fact, according to ScreenRant, Allen himself wanted to give fans a better ending than what they witnessed in The Santa Clause 3.

He admitted that the final film in the trilogy had several flaws, like mostly focusing on effects and budget instead of the story.

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Hence, instead of a cynical movie that showed a bitter Calvin on Christmas, the series aimed to fix the problem by featuring his hopes to have a better Christmas and saving the holiday season.

The show has only dropped two episodes so far. With four episodes left to feature, it still has a lot to prove, from improving The Santa Clause 3 ending to giving justice to a possible continuation of Calvin’s story in The Santa Clauses Season 2.

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