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The White Lotus Season 2: Jon Gries Hints at the Future of Greg, Tanya’s Romance

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Jon Gries talks about his role, Greg, and Tanya's (Jennifer Coolidge) relationship in The White Lotus Season 2 as they seem to be treating each other with cold shoulders. After their marriage in the first season, will they be heading to divorce?

Greg and Tanya's relationship seems to be in trouble in The White Lotus Season 2. So, is there still hope for the two to reconcile, or will this end their romance?

The Future of Greg, Tanya's Relationship

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Gries revealed hope for the couple, though it still looks uncertain.

Though he tried to be careful not to give anything away, the 65-year-old hinted that fans would soon learn what's driving Greg away from Tanya."

"Yes, you're going to learn [what's going on with Greg]," he said. "There's going to be something that everybody's going to learn about a lot of these relationships, and something will be illuminated about the relationship with Tanya and Greg."

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Gries also teased that there would be a major surprise coming in the future The White Lotus Season 2 episodes.

"The phone call ... if you remember, Greg has children. He could have been talking to his daughter. He could have been telling her he loves her and "I'll be home." You just don't know. And that's the thing," he continued. "Mike White plays multilevel chess. It's 3D chess. It's not just one board, it's layers. I don't want to reveal anything about it because it's too exciting. I don't even know how it's going to look or how it ended up because I only know how it read [in the script]. A lot of that stuff, I didn't see get shot."

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The Problem in Greg, Tanya's Romance

Greg seems to be irritated with everything about Tanya. He ignores his texts and phone calls.

He's already fed up with all her antics, making him cold and distant toward her. Everything worsens when Tanya hears him in a suspicious phone call, saying, "he loves them, and she has no idea what's going on."

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Though it's easy to say that Greg may be having an affair, he's perhaps expressing his love to his daughter, just like Gries said.

But why is he hiding it from Tanya? It's the question the next The White Lotus Season 2 episodes may answer.

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