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Westworld Season 5: Luke Hemsworth Shares Disappointment Over HBO’s Cancellation

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Like fans, Luke Hemsworth, who played the role of Ashley Stubbs, was surprised by Westworld Season 5 cancellation. Hence, he shared his two cents about it, even his disappointment.

The creators, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, originally planned to do five seasons, with Westworld Season 5 being the last. However, HBO surprisedly cancelled the show, leaving fans hanging without knowing its ending.

Luke Hemsworth Addresses Westworld Season 5 Cancellation

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Hemsworth couldn't help but share his reaction to the show's cancellation.

He, too, is disappointed, knowing the series will never have its proper ending.

"You hope these things go forever, but everyone's got their own reasons," he said.

Despite what happened, he's still grateful that he has been part of the series, though he can't deny the pain the cancellation brings, especially since the announcement happened on his 42nd birthday.

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"I'm very thankful for my part in that series, and that journey was a big part of my life, but yeah, it was disappointing," he continued.

"I think the idea right from the start was to go full circle and come back to be about loops, to be about human beings and robots being stuck in that trajectory," the actor added. "Unfortunately, we get cut off, but it's the nature of the world. You can't get depressed about it. You move on, and it opens up new doors."

Westworld Stars to Still Receive their Salaries

Though the cancellation was bad news for everyone, cast members found some silver lining.

According to Deadline, they would still be paid and receive their salaries, though Westworld Season 5 wouldn't be produced.

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Sources revealed that the main cast had "pay-or-play" deals for the supposed fifth and final season.

Thankfully, this option was made last year before the fourth season aired. There were also claims that the cast had renegotiated their deals at the time.

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This move is said to be not unusual, as networks sometimes pay to secure having the same cast before a renewal is made. This is especially if the show's stars are famous due to the possibility of any issues that will make it hard to reassemble them without contracts.

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