The Mandalorian's [SPOILERS] Convinced Disney to Green Light New Star Wars Show

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Credit: Lucasfilm

It can't be denied that The Mandalorian pretty much gave the entire Star Wars universe some much-needed extra boost as things we're already getting a little stale. The hit Disney+ series can be credited for breathing new life into the franchise and almost two years after its premiere, we're already starting to witness the expansion of the "Mandoverse".

So far, Disney's Mandoverse slate is already pretty stacked with projects like Rangers of the New Republic, Ahsoka, and the third season of The Mandalorian which begins filming this month already in line. Aside from the aforementioned projects, The Mandalorian Season 2's finale revealed that a new show titled The Book of Boba Fett is also coming and it's getting OG fans of the franchise really excited.

Apparently, there's an interesting story surrounding the upcoming live-action show which will mark Temuera Morrison's full-time return to the Star Wars franchise. According to The Mandalorian concept artist Brian Matyas who worked on The Art of The Mandalorian book, he was one of the people who pitched the idea of the series to none other than Disney CEO Bob Iger who later approved the concept.

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Credit: Star Wars

It turns out, he didn't need much persuading and all he had to do was show an artwork of Boba Fett holding the Child in front of a group of Mandalorians. He shares: "I did an image of Boba Fett holding Baby Yoda to a bunch of Mandalorians. That was the pitching piece for Bob Iger. So we had to get approval from Disney [for them] to give the thumbs up, to move forward with it."

Of course, Baby Yoda's influence is once again on full display but it actually begs the question: is Grogu set to make his return in The Book of Boba Fett? It's worth noting that the show will come out before The Mandalorian Season 3 so the chances of the Force-wielding creature turning up in the show are actually high but then again, Grogu could seemingly distance himself from the Mandalorians for the time being as he's currently training to master his abilities with the help of Luke Skywalker.

The Mandalorian Season 3 will begin production this month.

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