The Mandalorian Star's Role Shockingly Reduced to ‘Guest Actor’ in Season 3

Credit: Lucasfilm

Credit: Lucasfilm

Giancarlo Esposito has been wreaking havoc in the MandoVerse as the cunning villain Moff Gideon since its inception in 2019. However, it looks like The Mandalorian's polarizing third season put an end to the notorious Imperial Leader after meeting a fiery death in the explosive finale.

To give you a refresher, Gideon was inches away from fulfilling his diabolical plans of cloning himself, until Din Djarin and Grogu foiled his plans. This later led to an all-out brawl between them where thankfully, our Mandalorian heroes stood tall.

While it remains to be seen if Lucasfilm will eventually pull a swerve, revealing that Gideon actually survived, Esposito's stellar performance in Season 3 could end up landing him another Emmy nomination later this year.

The Mandalorian Season 3 Shockingly Reduced Giancarlo Esposito's Role to 'Guest Actor' in Season 3

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Credit: Lucasfilm

Disney recently launched its "For Your Consideration" page (via The Direct) campaigning for The Mandalorian Season 3 to be recognized at this year's 75th Primetime Emmy Awards. Esposito is part of the potential nominees along with co-stars Pedro Pascal, Katee Sackhof, Carl Weathers, and Emily Swallow but surprisingly enough, he's been relegated to the "guest actor" category.

Joining the likes of Ahmed Best, Jack Black, Lizzo, and Christopher Lloyd, the House of Mouse is campaigning for Esposito to be one of the nominees for the "Guest Actor in a Drama Series" category.

What's obviously shocking is Esposito's role in the series has seemingly been reduced to being a guest star, despite being a mainstay on the show since the beginning.

It's worth noting though that for Season 1, he was also labeled as a "guest actor" but the following season classified him as a "supporting" star. While this shouldn't mean anything, it's still quite surprising how the actor is almost seen as a special attraction in the show where he plays the main villain.

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