The Last of Us Star Reveals Surprising New Scene About Joel's Backstory

It has already been established that Joel is one of the main characters in The Last of Us, but we continue to learn more about Pedro Pascal's stoic smuggler in the HBO series. Interestingly, we're about to have more surprising discoveries about the character. Troy Baker, who is set to appear in future episodes of the show, teased some details about a scene that could explore Joel's backstory.

Troy Baker knows Joel intimately. After all, he provided the voice of the smuggler in the Naughty Dog game. And although he has yet to appear (as a different character) in the HBO series, Baker has shared new details about a scene he had worked on with game co-creator Neil Druckmann that could show us a different side of Joel.

"If it's not there on the page, then make something up, if it's necessary..." Baker said during the Last of Pods podcast.

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"There was a shoot that we did nobody knows about, I'm going to get in trouble for saying this, in between Part One and Part Two, where we were just kind of testing out some new tech, and so just Neil and I went down to a different stage than we shot on down in San Diego, and he was like, 'I want to do a couple of scenes from this, because I don't really have anything written so far, but I have an idea of the scene for this. Are you comfortable just kind of running a scene by yourself?'" he continued. Baker then revealed what happens in the scene.

"So there's a scene that we just kind of made up on the fly about Joel going into a bar. And so there are all of these backstory moments that we get to find out what happened; where's Sarah's mom? What happened to that relationship? What is the schism between he and Tommy?" he shared.

This isn't explored in the game and it's important to point out that it is still unclear whether this will be featured in the HBO show. Needless to say, we're hoping it is eventually explored in the series.

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