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Last of Us Fans Want Joel Voice Actor To Be A Villain In The Series

HBO had recently posted their official trailer for the TV show adaptation of Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us and fans couldn’t help but gush over original voice actors Troy Baker (Joel Miller) and Ashley Johnson’s (Ellie) cameos in the video. You can catch them in the trailer below:

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With Ashley Johnson’s role being recently unveiled to be a more significant one than a simple cameo, fans took to Twitter their first reactions upon seeing the actor as Bella Ramsey’s Ellie’s mother on the show! This actually makes sense seeing as Johnson will still be remotely related to Ellie. In the trailer, we can see her staring at a newborn baby, who might be Ellie. In a figurative sense, Ashley Johnson just ‘gave birth’ to the ‘new’ Ellie that is Bella Ramsey.

Amid this hype for the upcoming TV show, fans are also expecting a bigger role from Joel Miller’s voice actor Troy Baker.

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In the trailer, we can see Troy Baker’s character behind one of the cannibals whom Ellie eventually encounters in the game. This cannibal, David, first meets Ellie in the woods during winter while she was hunting for food while Joel had been unconscious after being injured prior to this scene. Based on the outfit we have seen Baker wearing, it would seem that he is NOT going to be David whom Ellie spends time with, but rather, David will be played by Scott Shepherd. Speculations point to Baker playing as one of the extra characters in the cannibal group.

To come to a full circle, fans are actually hoping to see Troy Baker as one of the cannibals Joel tortures the most to get information on where they have taken Ellie while he was unconscious. The scene served as a pivotal moment of Joel fully accepting he has grown fond of Ellie as a friend and family, so it is only natural that fans would want to see Pedro Pascual’s Joel torturing in-game’s Joel (Troy Baker) on screen.

Some of the fans have noted a closer resemblance of Troy Baker to the ‘tortured cannibal’ character than any of the cast. Check out some of the fan tweets below:

The Last of Us TV series is slated for release on HBO on January 15, 2023.

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