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The Last of Us Troy Baker Praises Pedro Pascal Outshining His Joel Miller Role

Troy Baker voiced the video game character Joel Miller from Naughty Dog’s 2013 The Last of Us, as well in its 2020 sequel, The Last of Us Part II. Though The Mandalorian actor Pedro Pascal is set to portray the live-action version, Baker is still a part of the HBO series with his role seemingly being one of the henchmen of cannibal David.

Recently appearing on Alanah Pearce’s Play, Watch, Listen podcast, Troy Baker shares what he thinks about Pascal’s performance as Joel Miller behind-the-scenes. The actor even tells his qualms about not doing as great as Pascal did. Check out Troy Baker’s full comment below:

“What [Pedro Pascal] proved is that this character [Joel Miller] is bigger than any one performance.” Baker continues on to say how Pascal’s performance inspired him to redo his video game version of the character, “Man, it’s also earned… I am inspired by Pedro’s performance as Joel. I wish that I could go back and do some things different.”

In The Last of Us video game, we did not only get to hear Troy Baker, but we also got glimpses of his behind-the-scenes footage of acting out Joel Miller himself. Presuming that Pedro Pascal will live up to the task, it’s gratifying to watch the original actor praise his co-star as they work on bringing the series to life on HBO. It is also interesting as to how Pedro Pascal’s take on the character will be different from Joel Miller’s video game counterpart.

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Back in November 2022, HBO “accidentally” leaked the release date of The Last of Us on their streaming site description. Although it was already speculated that the series was expected to arrive in early 2023, the concrete date secured the fans’ hearts as they will be watching the series sooner than they thought.

The Last of Us series is currently slated for release on January 15, 2023.

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