The Last of Us Episode 4 Introduces Game VA as Awesome New Character

The Last of Us Episode 4 is finally here and we got to meet some interesting new characters who are just trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. But this week's standout star is none other than Jeffrey Pierce who played an important role in the original game and has now been introduced as an awesome new character.

In The Last of Us Episode 4, Joel and Ellie continue on their way to Wyoming to find Tommy. But when they take a shortcut through Kansas City, they are attacked by bandits. Joel crashes the truck and takes on the bandits but is almost taken down by one of the guys. Luckily, Ellie steps in and shoots the bandit, paralyzing him and allowing Joel to kill the man.

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The bandits turn out to be led by Kathleen, who is looking for a man named Henry. After discovering their bodies, Kathleen orders a manhunt, forcing Joel and Ellie to hide in a high-rise where they encounter two boys.

Kathleen may be tough but her right-hand man Perry is even tougher. After all, he's played by Jeffrey Pierce, who voiced Tommy in the original The Last of Us game. Needless to say, people were delighted to see Pierce in the HBO series.

Kathleen, Perry, and most of the characters in Kansas City do not appear in the original game and were created exclusively for the show. They do, however, appear to have ties to Henry who is running away from the revolutionary movement. Although they are completely new characters, their story arc appears to be inspired by the revolutionaries who are after Henry in Pittsburgh in the game.

Jeffrey Pierce is the second actor from the original game who appears in the series and the first one to play a character different from their initial role in The Last of Us. Merle Dandridge was introduced in the first episode as Marlene, the same character she voiced in the game.

The Last of Us Episode 4 is now streaming on HBO Max.

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