The Last of Us: Neil Druckmann Debunks Abby’s Cameo in Season Finale

WARNING: This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for The Last of Us Episode 9 and potentially, Season 2. Read at your own risk!

The Last of Us Episode 9 had fans in a complete frenzy at the sneak peek of Abby Andersen potentially making an early appearance ahead of The Last of Us Season 2. Previously, fans noted that a dark figure about Abby’s video game build was running in the halls, with the braided hair flapping in the wind. However, showrunner Neil Druckmann debunks this speculated appearance.

“Okay, I’ll kill that rumor,” Druckmann bluntly said in a recent interview on Kinda Funny, “That is not Abby.”

If you look closely, there are two things of note: the supposed braid flapping in the wind is not a braid, but the strap of a backpack. Secondly, Abby’s grown figure wouldn’t make sense, seeing as she was still younger when she lost her father. Her father happens to be the doctor Joel killed in The Last of Us Episode 9. So, Druckmann’s statement clearly clicks.

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Now, Abby making an appearance in The Last of Us Season 1 is not exactly impossible, especially since Dina is speculated to have made hers early on, too. However, now that Druckmann confirmed it wasn’t Abby, but a random Firefly member, this leaves the imagination up to the viewers on who would play the role in The Last of Us Season 2.

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Recently campaigned actresses running up for the role are former Star Wars actor Gina Carano and MCU star Florence Pugh. However, the most highly anticipated frontrunner is Shannon Berry, seeing as Neil Druckmann followed the actress on Instagram after the first episode of The Last of Us aired. Since then, fans speculated she had already been hired as Abby.

Nothing has been confirmed yet on which actor is actually playing Abby Andersen, but on the good side of things, The Last of Us Season 2 has already been confirmed ahead of Season 1 ending, which means it’s only a matter of time before we get to see Abby on the HBO show.

All nine episodes of The Last of Us are now available to stream on HBO Max.

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