The Last of Us Episode 7 Preview Teases Ellie's Shocking Backstory

Credit: HBO

Credit: HBO

People are still reeling from what happened in the latest episode but HBO is already hyping up The Last of Us Episode 7. The preview for next week's episode puts the focus on Ellie and offers a glimpse at her shocking backstory.

The preview for The Last of Us Episode 7 reveals Ellie's life at FEDRA where another girl claims that Riley fights her fights for Ellie and that Riley isn't there anymore to fight for her. Naturally, this leads to a fight where Ellie gets a blackeye and is reprimanded.

However, it turns out the girl was wrong as Riley later shows up in Ellie's room and they go to an abandoned mall. Here, we learned more about Riley and an argument that led to Ellie destroying everything in sight. Unfortunately, all the commotion attracts a Clicker and the two girls need to work together to kill it.

It's great to finally see Storm Reid's debut as Riley in the Last of Us Episode 7 teaser. Additionally, we're looking forward to seeing what Ellie's life was like before she was captured by the Fireflies and met Joel and Tess.

One of the interesting things about the preview is the complete absence of Joel. It's a heartbreaking reminder that the latest episode didn't end well for him after he was stabbed with a broken baseball bat and fainted from blood loss.

But does this confirm that Joel has died and will not appear in the upcoming episodes? Gamers are quick to point out that the character doesn't bite the dust until The Last of Us Part II. It's also unlikely that the HBO show will be making such a drastic change so we're hoping that Joel survives and is just recuperating in Episode 7.

The Last of Us Episode 7 is titled Left Behind and is set to premiere on HBO Max on Sunday, February 26, 2023.

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