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New The Last of Us Teaser Previews Terrifying Hospital Scene

It's no secret that the premiere of The Last of Us gave viewers a crash course into the post-apocalyptic world where fungi are turning people into violent bloodthirsty monsters. But what will happen now that Joel and Tess have agreed to bring Ellie to the Massachusetts State House? A new teaser offers a preview of the upcoming episodes and a glimpse at the terrifying hospital scene from the Naughty Dog game.


The new trailer features scenes from The Last of Us Episode 2 and beyond. In the teaser, Joel and Tess continue to accompany Ellie but they also encounter an Infected who glares menacingly at the girl.

In addition to more footage of the trio's journey, viewers get to see Ellie's friend Riley and Joel's brother Tommy. We also get a glimpse at Bill and Frank, who were mentioned in the first episode of The Last of Us.

There is plenty of action to look forward to but there's one particular moment that has fans talking. The last few minutes of the trailer show Joel walking into a dark room that appears to be in a hospital. Not surprisingly, people are already worried about the Firefly Laboratory scene that is an important chapter of the video game.

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In the hospital scene, Joel and Ellie are supposed to continue their search for the Fireflies. However, Joel falls into the water and almost drowns. When he comes to, he discovers that the Fireflies are planning to do something that could prove to be fatal for Ellie.

We won't give everything away but it's certainly a sequence to look forward to in the future episodes of The Last of Us. For now, it is unclear which episode will feature the hospital scene but we can't wait to see more of the series in the following weeks.

The first episode of The Last of Us is now streaming on HBO Max.

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