The Last of Us Episode 3 Reveals Bill and Frank's Heartbreaking Story

The Last of Us Episode 3 is finally here and it was certainly different from the previous episodes. For instance, there was no opening scene from the past as the episode kicked off with the title sequence. In addition to that, Long Long Time put the focus on Joel and Tess' friends Bill and Frank who have been living outside the Quarantine Zone.

In The Last of Us Episode 3, Joel heeds Tess' final request and continues to bring Ellie to Bill and Frank in hopes they can bring her to the Fireflies. The two finally begin to bond, discussing how the cordyceps mutated and started a global pandemic. But when they come across the bones of slain civilians from the past, we are brought back to 2003 when the survivalist Bill chooses to stay behind in his home while his entire town is being evacuated.

Soon, a man named Frank stumbles into Bill's compound and they immediately start a romantic relationship. After three years with Bill, Frank meets Tess on the radio and invites her and Joel to the compound. The four agree to work together, smuggling items to and from the QZ.

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Although they have a good life together, Frank soon becomes crippled by a degenerative illness and he asks Bill to euthanize him after they get married. Bill, who doesn't want to live without Frank, decides to kill himself as well. By the time Joel and Ellie arrive at the compound, they are already dead and Bill has left a note saying that protecting Frank gave his life meaning.

Overall, it was an emotional episode that expanded on the story of Bill and Frank which we didn't get to see in the original Naughty Dog game. Despite the lack of blood and gore, The Last of Us Episode 3 might be the best one in the series so far.

The Last of Us Episode 3 is now streaming on HBO Max.

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