The Last Jedi’s Supreme Leader Snoke Is Darker Than Palpatine But “Definitely Not A Sith”

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Supreme Leader Snoke might be one of the main villains in Lucasfilm's new Star Wars sequel trilogy, however while the First Order Supreme Leader might use the Dark Side of the Force, Andy Serkis says there's no way that the character's a Sith Lord like Darth Vader.

Sitting down to speak with Empire, the Marvel and Star Wars actor decided to share some non-compromising details about Snoke, talking about how despite being darker than Emperor Palpatine, the Supreme Leader actually isn't a Sith.


"Snoke is bloody dark; way darker than Palpatine. He's riddled with this osteoporosis so his body's twisted, like a corkscrew. He's incredibly damaged, so there's a bizarre vulnerability about him. Beneath that vulnerability, though, is this intense hatred… He's definitely not a Sith, but he's certainly at the darker end of the Force. Without giving too much away, that begins to unfold a little in this one."

This definitely shoots down the theory that Snoke is a wrinklier version of Palpatine. But knowing how powerful Darth Sidious was as a Dark Force user, we can only wonder what kind of powers Snoke has being at the "darker end of the Force." We hope we get to see Snoke in action in The Last Jedi.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi premieres December 15, 2017.

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