The Killer's Shopping List Episode 7 Recap: Ahn Dae Sung, MS Mart Employees Finally Discover Who the Murderer Is

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The Killer’s Shopping List episode 7 raises more questions about why Seo Yool does not want to receive help from Ahn Dae Sung or anyone.

The Killer’s Shopping List stars Lee Kwang Soo and AOA’s Seolhyun. The duo, who play the roles of Ahn Dae Sung and Do Ah Hee, respectively, work together to solve the murder cases that begin to happen on the outskirts of Seoul. A supermarket receipt becomes the evidence as the cast members start a hilarious hunt for the suspect.

As the series nears its end, can Ahn Dae Sung prove that he is not the murderer?

The Killer’s Shopping List Episode 6 Recap

Last week’s episode of The Killer’s Shopping List explored an attempted murder case involving Chairwoman Yang Soon. The murderer injures her eyes after seeing something shocking inside a refrigerator. Ahn Dae Sung becomes the suspect again after Oh Cheon Won claims he saw him get out of the apartment complex.

Gong San and Jung Yook seemingly have no connection to the murderer as they both do something to find the murderer. In Yachae’s case, she gets beaten up by her husband, who recently returned from the Philippines.

It remains unknown whether he is also the person who tried to break into Yachae’s unit with a knife.

When Gong San visits Yang Soon in the hospital, she and Ahn Dae Sung find out that Seo Yool’s mother is not admitted to the hospital. Gong San’s friend also claims that she knows that the mother is sick after suffering from abuse.

She then tells Ahn Dae Sung that she knows that Seo Yool’s mother is being beaten by Seo Cheon Kyu since she is a “foreign bride.” Her statement seemingly explains that the realtor also caused the injury which Ahn Young Choon found in Seo Yool’s arms.

The Killer’s Shopping List episode 6 also sees Oh Cheon Woo visiting MS Mart when Ahn Dae Sung leaves to check on Seo Yool.

After seeing her outside her father’s office, Seo Yool tells him she knows she is not the bad guy. The child repeats that she knows she did not do any of the crimes, raising his suspicions that Seo Yool truly knows something about Kwon Bo Yeon’s death – and maybe the other murder cases, as well.

Ahn Dae Sung starts asking Seo Yool again if she truly did not see anything when Kwon Bo Yeon died. He also inquires about her blisters, asking if her father caused them.

However, Seo Yool runs toward Seo Cheon Kyu -- who becomes the new potential murderer – instead.

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The Killer’s Shopping List Episode 7

The episode begins with Oh Cheon Woo lurking around the MS Mart. After seeing Ahn Dae Sung leave the supermarket, he goes inside.

Seo Cheon Kyu, meanwhile, passes by the supermarket to shop for some goods. Ahn Young Choon refuses to take Oh Cheon Woo’s order (a bottle of soju) and then tells Seo Cheon Kyu that Ahn Dae Sung brings the same goods to Seo Yool at his office.

Before leaving MS Mart, Seo Cheon Kyu tells Ahn Young Choon that he does not like his son getting close to his daughter.

Seo Yool, meanwhile, tells Ahn Dae Sung that she knows he did not do it. When he tries to ask her how she knows it, he finds Seo Yool’s blistered arm and queries if his father did it.

Han Myung Sook arrives alongside Saeng Sun, but Seo Cheon Kyu refuses to talk to them. When they arrive at the supermarket, they see the patriarch quarreling with Oh Cheon Woo.

While on his way home, Oh Cheon Woo notices that someone is following him. The next scene shows him trying to escape from the murderer but fails in the end. On the other hand, Gong San remains suspicious, but she shows signs of fear.

Seo Cheon Kyu talks to Seo Yool after arriving home. When he asks her about her mother’s phone, she says she lost it, causing her father to grab a belt and whip her again.

The MS Mart employees begin investigating Gong San, as well. They find a notebook in her bag, and Alba takes pictures of the pages to look into them. They are also curious why she is looking for Meonji, the missing dog.

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Ahn Dae Sung follows Gong San while she looks for Meonji. When she hands the dog to the owner, Gong San refuses to take the reward money, making the mother-and-son feel more suspicious of her. But after talking to her, their worries go away as they realize that she is also not the killer.

In the end, they realize that the murderer also used the Quick Drain Cleaner, which is only available at MS Mart, on the chairwoman.

However, Do Ah Hee reveals that the investigators think that Yang Soon’s case is not related to the first two murder cases.

Ahn Young Choon gets the stuffed toy where Seo Yool put her mother’s phone. Meanwhile, Ahn Dae Sung suspects Seo Cheon Kyu even more when he drops by the MS Mart and shows that he is leaving the area temporarily.

Seo Yool’s father then tries to remove their suspicions by asking Ahn Dae Sung and Gong San to come with him to visit his wife in a hospital.

Detective Choi Ji Woong visits Ahn Dae Sung again. Seo Yool also goes to the MS Mart despite her father’s warning. While questioning him, the child interrupts the detective and says Ahn Dae Sung is not the culprit.

He then gives the child an SOS so she can ask for help if she is in trouble.

Before Seo Yool leaves, Ahn Dae Sung incidentally pours a cola on the child’s clothes so the detective can see her injuries. When Han Myung Sook changes Seo Yool’s top, she finds her body full of blisters. She asks her if she can take a picture of her back and tells her to go to the hospital.

Still, Seo Yool refuses to get help since her father might send her to an orphanage.

Han Myung Sook tells the MS Mart employees, including the detective, that they should check on the child’s bruises and blisters as they prove that the violence has already happened before.

Ahn Dae Sung and Gong San also reveal that Yul’s mother is not in the hospital, unlike what Seo Cheon Kyu claims. But the detective refuses to help them since someone else is reportedly assigned to a similar case.

He asks Choi Ji Woong to follow him since he has been suspecting him as the murderer. They go to the office of Seo Yool’s father, and Ahn Dae Sung finds a door behind the tarpaulin. Despite his explanation, the detective seems to be unconvinced by his findings.

While they were talking, they realized that the chairwoman was trying to tell the detective about Geumsang realty – where Seo Cheon Kyu is working. Seo Yool’s father also approaches Ahn Dae Sung and Choi Ji Woong while they connect the pieces of the cases.

Seo Cheon Kyu stabs Choi Ji Woong’s stomach and locks Ahn Dae Sung inside his office’s secret room. He also calls Seo Yool, telling her to come where he is right alone if she wants to see her mother again.

The Killer’s Shopping List Episode 8 Release Date and Time

The Killer’s Shopping List episode 8, the final episode of the series, will be released on May 19. Here’s a glance at K-drama’s release dates in other regions:

Central Time: 8:30 AM (May 19)

Greenwich Mean Time: 01:30 PM (May 19)

Eastern Time: 9:30 AM (May 19)

Pacific Time: 6:30 AM (May 19)

Philippine Time: 9:30 PM (May 19)


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