Kim Min Ha Reflects on Struggles, Worries Before Playing Mother Role in Pachinko

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Credit: APPLE TV/YouTube Screenshot

Kim Min Ha reportedly felt anxious after scoring the teenage Sunja role in Pachinko.

Kim Min Ha has a few titles under her belt since she began her career in 2016. So far, she has only starred in five movies, and four series – including the hit AppleTV+ series.

So when he landed on Sunja’s role, the actress reportedly felt worried as it was the first time she played the role of a mother.

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Kim Min Ha Receives Help From Pachinko Co-Stars

During her interview with Elle Magazine after a pictorial, Kim Min Ha recalled feeling worried due to her character. Per the actress, she was concerned about whether she would be able to give justice to Sunja’s role.

Fortunately, her concerns subsided after meeting her on-screen son on the series’ set.

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“Right up until filming began, I was really worried, but when I actually saw Noa [Park Jae Jun], I naturally felt a protective instinct towards him. Jae Jun also called me ‘Fake Mom’ and was great at following my lead,” she said.

Her philosophy in life seemingly helped her overcome her fears, as well. She revealed that she is the type of person who is always curious. So when she finds something appealing, she always asks herself whether she should try it.

Kim Min Ha Gained Strength After Becoming an Actress

Although she is yet to add more titles in her experience, her flicks reportedly helped her gain inner strength and peace already.

Kim Min Ha shared that it started three years ago. At that time, she was yet to find her rhythm. Eventually, she found freedom and a sense of ease which helped her take care of the people around her.

She is expected to become a better individual and actress as she has been given a chance to star in the hit drama series again.

Pachinko showrunner, executive producer, writer, and creator Soo Hugh said that AppleTV+ greenlit the season 2 of the drama.


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