The Killer's Shopping List Episode 4 Recap: Ahn Dae Sung Becomes Suspect in Two Murder Cases + Shocking Details About Real Killer Revealed

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The Killer’s Shopping List episode 4 gets more thrilling as the lead character, Ahn Dae Sung, suddenly becomes the suspect in the murder cases in their neighborhood.

The Killer’s ShoppingList is a comedy thriller series based on the novel of the same name by Kang Ji Young. It tells the story of a murder case on the outskirts of Seoul. A supermarket receipt becomes the evidence as the cast members start a hilarious hunt for the suspect.

Lee Kwang Soo plays Ahn Dae Sung’s role, a part-time worker at MS Mart who has an excellent memory. His girlfriend, Seolhyun’s Do Ah Hee, works as a police officer. The two characters then join forces to solve the mysterious murder case.

Is Ahn Dae Sung the real murderer? How will he save himself from trouble? Continue reading to know more about The Killer’s Shopping List episode 4.

The Killer’s Shopping List Episode 3 Recap

The Killer’s Shopping List episode 3 explores how the neighborhood finds out that nun-chucks grandpa is Oh Cheon Won, the counterfeiter who tried paying fake $5 to Daesung Mart, now MS Mart, years ago. It also reveals that he is the reason why Ahn Dae Sung could not pass his civil service exam due to the anxiety he began to suffer after accidentally hitting his head with a can of Samyu Peaches years ago.

The authorities investigate him on his potential connection to the murders of Lee Kyung Ah and Kwon Bo Yeon. But they charge him with stalking instead and seemingly shift their attention to Ahn Dae Sung.

New rumors start to spread in the area about Ahn Dae Sung, claiming that he was the one who left MS Mart bags in the women’s units and that he had murdered someone in the past.

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However, the lead character also changes his mind about the potential murderer and gets a growing suspicion of MS Mart’s employee, Kang Sung Yoon, who he spotted at the crime scene. He starts investigating him and finds weird items inside his locker.

He and Do Ah Hee discover that Kang Sung Yoon only has items that belong to females since he dresses up like one after work. They decide to follow him to know the truth about his identity and if he killed the two MS Mart regulars.

At the end of the episode, MS Mart staff Yachae looks troubled as someone seemingly follows her on her way home. She runs and screams as she tries to save herself from the stalker.

The Killer’s Shopping List Episode 4

After a new murder case happened, Ahn Dae Sung starts to focus on the MS Mart employee, Saeng Sun, due to the feminine items he found inside his locker.

During the morning exercise at the MS Mart, he approaches the staff while his mother looks for Yachae, the MS Mart employee who was chased by someone in the previous episode. When she finally arrives at the store, Jung Wook starts to look suspicious, as well, while Ahn Dae Sung asks her if she saw the man’s face. But Yachae told them that she only saw the man’s shadow and that he started following her from the convenience store on the main road.

The place she refers to is the same place where Ahn Dae Sung and Do Ah Hee lost sight of Saeng Sun.

Jung Wook suggests that he should walk her home every day to keep her safe. Although Yachae does not want him to, Han Myung Sook agrees with the male staff and tells him to call the police immediately if something happens.

Ahn Dae Sung also warns Jung Wook secretly to be wary of Fish/Saeng Sun whenever he walks Yachae home.

While everyone is working inside the MS Mart, Yachae suddenly screams after someone throws a rock and breaks the store’s glass wall. It turns out that Oh Cheon Woo comes back to get revenge on Ahn Dae Sung and his family for ruining his life.

He then hits back and says that the counterfeiter also ruined his life. But while confronting Oh Cheon Woo, detective Choi Ji Woong overhears that Ahn Dae Sung truly almost killed the man years ago. The event prompts him to ask Ahn Dae Sung where he was when Kwon Bo Yeon and Lee Kyung A died.

Do Ah Hee then learns that the detective declares that Ahn Dae Sung is the new suspect.

Choi Ji Woong starts questioning him about his knowledge of the murder cases and his connection to them. He then visits his room and finds the bubble gun, stockings, and all similar evidence he found while investigating the cases himself.

Ahn Dae Sung defends himself and tells the detective that he is only doing it to find the culprit. However, he still ends up being taken to the interrogation room.

After the incident at the MS Mart, they begin losing more customers and rumors about Ahn Dae Sung being the suspect in the murder cases continue to spread in the area.

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Seo Yool, the child who brought the other pair of slippers to MS Mart, knows that Ahn Dae Sung is not the culprit. His mother, who was once against him getting involved in the case, now says she will also catch the culprit to clear his son’s name from suspicions.

Ahn Dae Sung, Han Myung Sook, and Do Ah Hee then start their probe at the MS Mart rooftop, and the male lead tells them that the killer could be inside their store. Although he starts suspecting Saeng Sung, Do Ah Hee suggests saving the store, as well, while trying to catch the murderer.

Following their discussion, they decide to keep their eyes on Jung Wook and Gong San, while Do Ah Hee and Kim Doo Hyun will focus on Saeng Sun.

The Killer’s Shopping List episode 4 also shares that Seo Yool might be the key witness in Kwon Bo Yeon’s murder case since she found the victim’s slipper. Saeng Sun overhears the conversation, and he suddenly leaves work which makes Ahn Dae Sung uncomfortable and worried.

In one scene, Saeng Sung suddenly grabs Seo Yool while Ahn Dae Sung and his mother start searching for her in the neighborhood.

When they reach his home, they cannot find Seo Yool anywhere and wait until he wakes up to question him. According to Sae Sung, he only has Lee Kyung A’s cardigan as she was the only friend he had and the only person who knew that he is a transgender.

In the end, they find out that Saeng Sun is not the murderer. He tells Ahn Dae Sung and Han Myung Sook that he last saw Seo Yool outside the realty where her father works.

The episode ends with a clip of Seo Yool lying down and continuously saying she is sorry.

The Killer’s Shopping List Episode 5 Release Date and Time

The Killer’s Shopping List episode 5 will be released on May 11 if the network follows its regular Wednesday-Thursday schedule. Here’s a glance at K-drama’s release dates in other regions:

Central Time: 8:30 AM (May 11)

Greenwich Mean Time: 01:30 PM (May 11)

Eastern Time: 9:30 AM (May 11)


Pacific Time: 6:30 AM (May 11)

Philippine Time: 9:30 PM (May 11)

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