Sung Hoon Unveils Secret Behind Unmatched Chemistry With Im Soo Hyang in Woori The Virgin

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Credit: SBS DRAMA/YouTube Screenshot

Sung Hoon and Im Soo Hyang will grow closer together now after working on their third drama, Woori The Virgin.

Both Sung Hoon and Im Soo Hyang found themselves together in a new drama after they were tapped to lead the remake of the American show Jane the Virgin.

In the drama, Im Soo Hyang plays the role of Oh Woo Ri while Sung Hoon stars as Raphael. The actor’s character is a hopeless romantic CEO who wants to meet the woman who can give him the love and happiness he has been craving and looking for.

Woori The Virgin is their third project together. They previously worked in the drama New Tales of Gisaeng in 2011 before reuniting five years later in Five Enough.

With that, they are expected to present different but more powerful chemistry to the viewers.

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Sung Hoon Says Working With Im Soo Hyang Has Been Smooth-Sailing

Woori The Virgin is the upcoming Korean remake of the American show Jane the Virgin. Based on the original Venezuelan telenovela, the series tells the story of Oh Woo Ri, who wants to maintain chastity before marriage, as she gets pregnant after accidentally going through artificial insemination during a medical exam.

In a new interview before the drama’s premiere, Sung Hoon recalled how he talked about the reunion with Im Soo Hyang. He reportedly joked that they see each other quite often.

However, this time, they waited for a long time to play each other’s love interests after the 2011 SBS drama.

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Still, he is reportedly confident with the chemistry they have.

“Because we know each other’s acting styles so well, we were able to create great chemistry from our very first shoot [for ‘Woori the Virgin’],” the actor said.

Sung Hoon Also Showers Other Co-Stars With Love

Aside from Im Soo Hyang, Sung Hoon also spoke highly of his co-stars.

According to the actor, he has been establishing a closer and tighter bond with Im Soo Hyang, Shin Dong Wook, and Hong Ji Yoon as they spend more time together during filming.

Because of that bond, he can keep it up during the recording and maintain good energy that helps him act proactively. His relationship with them also became his driver to focus on working until the very end.

Woori The Virgin will premiere on May 9, and the actor hopes nothing but the viewers to also feel the good vibes he enjoyed when he worked with the series’ team.

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