The Heavenly Idol Episode 6 Recap: Kim Min Kyu Gets Attacked + Loses His Divine Powers

Credit: Viu Singapore/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Viu Singapore/YouTube Screenshot

In the Korean drama starring Kim Min Kyu, The Heavenly Idol, the plot continues to get more and more intriguing. It is a tvN series that also stars Lee Jang-Woo and Go Bo Gyeol.

Based on the webtoon of the same name, the series depicts the story of Pontifex Rembrary, who suddenly finds himself in the body of a Kpop idol member. In this new world, he struggles to live as an idol member while looking for a way to return to the Other World.

The Heavenly Idol Episode 6 aired on March 2, 2023, and received a nationwide viewership rating of 1.432%. Here is everything that happened in the Kim Min Kyu-starred Kdrama.

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The Heavenly Idol Episode 6 Recap

The Heavenly Idol Episode 6 sees Kim Min Kyu getting involved in another scandal. He was accused of being one of the sponsors of a woman who embezzled company funds to take out male celebrities. His public image suffers during the course of Sing Survival.

Rembrary gets summoned for the investigation. However, one of the Evil One's men suddenly attacked him. Thankfully, Kim Dal arrived just in time and discovered an unconscious Rembrary. As he was being transported to the hospital, Kim Dal thought of a solution that might change the public’s opinion towards Woo Yeon Woo.

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Kim Min Kyu Loses His Divine Powers in The Heavenly Idol Episode 6

After being attacked at the police station, Rembrary had his shoulder and palm badly injured. Although these weren’t critical, he couldn’t heal himself as his divine powers suddenly disappeared.

Back at the dorm, the other Wild Animal members witnessed how the public slowly forgot about the sponsorship issue and started wishing for Woo Yeon Woo’s safety. This is because an email from YeonuYeonwoo, a fan of Wild Animal, who is also Kim Dal’s pseudonym, was revealed to the public.

The email exchange between her and Woo Yeon Woo caught the public’s interest and created a new image for the group. However, it turns out that the one who replied to her email was Jongseo.

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Kim Min Kyu Tries to Help Go Bo Gyeol in The Heavenly Idol Episode 6

While at the hospital, Kim Dal had found the courage to talk about Liz Ri to Rembrary. Although she did not specify the details about what really happened to her, it was enough for Rembrary to act on his own accord and help his manager.

After attending the first shoot of his drama, Rembrary went to the hospital where Liz Ri is admitted. He gathered his divine powers and woke her up from her coma.

However, Liz Ri seemed not happy about waking up. Kim Dal witnessed her screaming and expressed her disappointment that they even tried to revive her.

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