The Heavenly Idol Episode 3 Recap: Kim Min Kyu Hopes to Heal People's Hearts + Go Bo Gyeol Helps Her Bias to Achieve Success

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Kim Min Kyu continues to attract lots of viewers with his new Kdrama, The Heavenly Idol. It is a tvN series that also stars Go Bo Gyeol and Lee Jang-Woo.

Based on the webtoon of the same name, the series depicts the story of Pontifex Rembrary, who suddenly finds himself in the body of a Kpop idol member. In this new world, he struggles to live as an idol member while looking for a way to return to the Other World.


The Heavenly Idol Episode 3 aired on February 22, 2023, and received a nationwide viewership rating of 1.975%. Here is everything that happened in the Kim Min Kyu-starred Kdrama.

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The Heavenly Idol Episode 3 Recap

The Heavenly Idol Episode 3 sees Kim Min Kyu trying his best to embrace the reality that he is now living the life of Woo Yeon Woo and not as Pontifex Rembrary. After recovering from using his energy to communicate with Woo Yeon Woo in the Other World, Rembrary swears to receive the Artist of the Year award for Wild Animal so he can return to his real world.


Kim Dal believes that Woo Yeon Woo is suffering from a mental health condition, which is why he has been acting weird, not being aware that the one in front of her is not the real idol group member but Pontifex Rembrary. Despite this, she joins Rembrary's goal to achieve fame for Wild Animal.

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Kim Min Kyu shows off his singing skills in The Heavenly Idol Episode 3

The first episode of Sing Survival started its shoot, and the theme of the first round is "Be Original." The contestants must perform the same song in their own versions. Rembrary insists on singing with a choir; however, LLL Entertainment's producer refuses to let him. It turns out that Woo Yeon Woo is a bad singer and only raps in Wild Animal's songs.


But Rembrary has the gift of singing, and he has been spreading his holiness in the Other World through his voice. So, as soon as Kim Dal found out that Woo Yeon Woo has a perfect timbre, she convinced the producer to let him do what he wanted.

Rembrary takes the stage after a few mishaps, such as when the staff of the program changed the order of performances at the last minute. It was not a bother, as Rembrary was very well prepared to do his performance. As soon as he sang, the audience was surrounded by a mysterious feeling. They became in awe of Woo Yeon Woo's performance and started rooting for him.

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Kim Min Kyu hopes to heal people's hearts in The Heavenly Idol Episode 3

After his remarkable performance, Rembrary and Kim Dal returned to the waiting room only to find Kasy having difficulties breathing. It turns out that he has panic disorder. Rembrary was confused as to why he could not heal Kasy. Kim Dal explained that the illnesses of the mind and heart are difficult to heal. However, it is not incurable.


After learning about the illness of the soul, Rembrary hoped to be someone who could provide healing to everyone. Kim Dal also tells him about people who find peace and calmness just by seeing their favorite idol's photos and seeing them perform onstage.

Meanwhile, the first-round results were different from the audience's opinion. Woo Yeon Woo ranked last. For the second round, he has to team up with Sun Woo-Sil. Despite his efforts to win first place, the Evil One sabotaged their performance by taking away Sun Woo-Sil's voice.

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