The Heavenly Idol Episode 4 Recap: Kim Min Kyu Wins the Third Round + Go Bo Gyeol Witnesses a Real Demon

Credit: tvN drama/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: tvN drama/YouTube Screenshot

The new Kdrama, The Heavenly Idol, continues to show off the many irresistible charms of Kim Min Kyu. It is a tvN series that also stars Go Bo Gyeol and Lee Jang-Woo.

Based on the webtoon of the same name, the series depicts the story of Pontifex Rembrary, who suddenly finds himself in the body of a Kpop idol member. In this new world, he struggles to live as an idol member while looking for a way to return to the Other World.

The Heavenly Idol Episode 4 aired on February 23, 2023, and received a nationwide viewership rating of 1.622%. Here is everything that happened in the Kim Min Kyu-starred Kdrama.

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The Heavenly Idol Episode 4 Recap

The Heavenly Idol Episode 4 sees Kim Min Kyu, who has overcome the obstacle when his partner suddenly loses his voice on stage. Rembrary realizes that it was the Evil One's doing, so he had no choice but to heal Woo Sil on the spot. Before the first chorus ended, he successfully healed the senior singer, and together they created a wonderful duet performance.

Woo Yeon Woo and Woo Sil's team took first place during the second round. It was another step closer to fame for Wild Animal. Specifically, the music program, Music Music, invited them to return to the show the following week.

This had the members practicing all day and night to refresh themselves on their routine. However, Rembrary finds it difficult to catch up as he isn't talented at dancing.

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Kim Min Kyu finds ways to return to his world in The Heavenly Idol Episode 4

As soon as Rembrary discovers that Yeon Woo is interested in a religious group called Hongwoodaedae, he tries to figure out what the group does. It turns out that it is an exclusive group for famous celebrities and artists.

Remembering his holy vow, Rembrary did everything that the agency told him to do. He continues to do his best in the Sing Survival Program and starts to behave just like an idol.

Of course, he had a few things about which he was still confused, but Kim Dali helped him along the way. Rembrary also found out that Kim Dali is a fan of Woo Yeon Woo.

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Kim Min Kyu looks for the Evil One in The Heavenly Idol Episode 4

Because of the dating scandal involving Kasy, LLL Entertainment seems to be in a tight spot. Thanks to Kim Dali's quick thinking, they managed to find out who the source of the scandal was. It turns out to be AX's manager, but it was actually Jung Shin who planned the sabotage. He met the evil one disguised as the entertainment company's board member.

The Heavenly Idol Episode 4 also highlights his continuing plan to meet the evil one and stop him from wreaking havoc in Yeon Woo's world. At the end of the episode, Kim Dal witnesses a real-life demon in Jung Shin, who has been corrupted by the Evil One.

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