The Great Season 3 Release Date, News & Update: Elle Fanning’s Reign as Catherine the Great Will Continue This Spring

Credit: Hulu/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Hulu/YouTube Screenshot

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The Great Season 3 has officially been given a release date. The show will return on May 12th, exclusively on Hulu. Along with the release date, Hulu released a first-look image from the upcoming season, which features Catherine (Elle Fanning) and Peter (Nicholas Hoult).

What to Expect from The Great Season 3

According to the official logline, Fanning and Nicholas Hoult's Peter "attempt to make their marriage work after some seemingly insurmountable problems" in The Great Season 3.

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"Peter witnessed his own attempted murder at Catherine's hands and she to advance also imprisoned all of his friends. On top of this, Peter is at a loose end playing First Husband to Catherine's reign, so he busies himself with fathering, hunting and salty culinary ventures. But they're not enough to keep him contented as visions of his late father (played by Jason Isaacs) get in his head about his failures as Peter the Great's son."

Meanwhile, Catherine begins to make a name for herself outside of Russia and, inspired by a visit from the US ambassador, organizes a conference where peasants, aristocrats, and merchants may all contribute to the development of a new Russia. She discovers that even the strongest political leaders must sometimes make concessions in order to go forward.

The Great Season 2 Recap

In Season 2, Catherine seeks and eventually succeeds in wresting control of Russia from Peter, with the support of army officer Velementov (Douglas Hodge), bureaucrat Orlo (Sacha Dhawan), and noble-turned-maid-turned-noble Marial (Phoebe Fox). Throughout the season, Catherine began to settle into her new role as empress, but she encountered opposition from practically all sides, particularly from the group of nobles loyal to Peter. Furthermore, she began to realize how little she knew about Russia.

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It didn't, however, stop her from learning and striving to open Russian minds to a more progressive future. She also had a baby.

As the season came to a close, Catherine discovered that Peter was responsible for her mother's murder, reigniting her hatred for him. She eventually chose to forgive him in order to put an end to another feud between her and Peter's nobles.

Despite the seeming peace, Velementov captures the nobles who had their own schemes to depose Catherine. Catherine then walks into Peter's room to murder him but instead attacks his body twice (who lived). Peter observed the attempted assassination, but the two appeared to make an accord in silence.

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