Alaska Daily Episode 7 Release Date, News & Update: Someone Won’t Make It Alive When the Series Returns

Credit: SpoilerTV/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: SpoilerTV/YouTube Screenshot

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The hostage situation involving Eileen Fitzgerald and the Concerned Citizen appears to be more complicated than previously believed, according to new promotions for Alaska Daily Episode 7. We do not believe that everyone will survive the night.

Alaska Daily Season 7 Preview

The plot synopsis for Alaska Daily Episode 7: Enemy of the People states, "The stakes are high when Concerned Citizen targets Eileen at gunpoint and takes her hostage in the newsroom. As the clock ticks, the team races to help before it's too late."

Before moving on to Episode 7, let's review what transpired in Episode 6.

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The Nov. 17, 2022, episode concluded with a cliffhanger that had viewers on the edge of their seats. Following weeks of threatening Eileen, the Concerned Citizen met the Daily Alaskan reporter face-to-face. He waited until (almost) everyone had left the workplace before knocking on Eileen's door and displaying the gun he was carrying. The episode then went to black.

The hour will pick up from where Episode 6 left off, so we know it will be stressful throughout. Stanley Cornik, Roz Friendly, Bob Young, Claire Muncy, Yuna Park, and Austin Teague learn about the hostage situation in the pub across the street from the Daily Alaskan, according to the advertisement. Along with Aaron Pritchard and a SWAT unit, they assemble outside the crime site and attempt to assist.

Inside, the Concerned Citizen says to Eileen, "You spread lies. You suppress the truth. And now you're dead."

The teaser for Alaska Daily Episode 7 hints that Eileen and the Concerned Citizen are not the only ones in peril.

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Potential Death in Alaska Daily Episode 7

Gabriel Tovar hides in the archives room during the hostage scenario, according to a new promo for the midseason premiere.

If anyone is going to survive this, it will be Eileen. Hilary Swank is the star of the program, and the creators would never kill her off after seven episodes. Yet, now that we are aware Gabriel's life is also at risk, we are terribly concerned for him. There is a possibility that Gabriel will pass away or be injured within the hour, which would break our hearts.

Alaska Daily Episode 7 will air on Mar. 2, Thursday.

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