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The Golden Spoon Episode 9 Recap: BTOB Yook Sungjae Returns Home With A Plan + Lee Jong Won Continues To Fail Job Interviews

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Credit: 하뭉 : The Movie/YouTube Screenshot

Now with almost half of the total episodes aired, The Golden Spoon has continued to attract viewers with its interesting plot. Inspired by a webtoon of the same name, The Golden Spoon tells the narrative of a young man from a low-income background who, via a series of challenges, comes into possession of a magical spoon with the power to swap their lives with that of a friend from a wealthy background. BTOB Sungjae, DIA Jung Chaeyeon, Lee Jong Won, and Yeonwoo are the main cast members of the MBC Kdrama.

The Golden Spoon Episode 9 aired on October 21, 2022, at 9:50 PM KST. According to Nielsen Korea, Episode 9 received a nationwide viewership rating of 7.8%. This episode became the series’ new personal best after episode 2 which received a nationwide viewership rating of 7.4%.

Here is a The Golden Spoon Episode 9 recap and everything that happened in the new Kdrama series from Disney+.

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The Golden Spoon Episode 9 Recap

The Golden Spoon Episode 9 sees Taeyong, who still lives as Lee Seungcheon, suffering from interview failures. Ten years later, Juhee is now working as a screenwriter and still working on getting revenge for her father’s suspicious death. Yeojin is now a businessman engaged to Seungcheon, who is still living as Hwang Taeyong.

The four crossed paths once more when Juhee sneaked into the Amicus party with a hidden camera to reveal the true identities of the members. Her colleague gets caught by security, and Juhee would have blown her cover if Seungcheon had not helped her hide.

However, Juhee also faced a crisis as she lost the hidden camera when Yeojin discovered that it was in her pen. Seungcheon tried hard to protect her and get his uncle to not tell the police about them.

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Yook Sungjae Spends Meaningless Days In The Golden Spoon Episode 9

While thrown to the US, Seungcheon plots a plan to take over what is rightfully his. He intentionally lives as a jerk until he finally returns to South Korea. Although he is engaged to Yeojin, who wanted to be part of the Doshin Group, he gets involved in several dating scandals, which constantly have his name on the news.

On the other hand, Yeojin becomes impatient seeing that Seungcheon has not come to his senses. He questions Seungcheon about whether he still has feelings for Juhee, raising the curious question of whether he is really giving up on her and will just continue living as a conglomerate son.

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Lee Jong Won Realizes An Important Lesson In The Golden Spoon Episode 9

Taeyong and Juhee were sued for interfering with business during their secret investigation with Amicus. At the threat of paying 100 million won in damages, Taeyong puts his pride behind him and experiences the terrible humiliation of bowing his head in front of the Amicus members. He learned that Seungcheon made them drop the charges, making him feel more miserable.

But Taeyong invited Seungcheon for a drink and expressed his indescribable sense of misery and defeat. He tells him about one piece of advice he gave him before, that when you are poor, you have no choice but to avoid getting into trouble because you have no money. Taeyong remembered that and chose to swallow his pride in order to avoid getting sued.

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Yook Sungjae Presents A Shocking Revelation In The Golden Spoon Episode 9

The Golden Spoon Episode 9 also highlights Seungcheon’s incredible feat. It turns out that he intentionally caused scandals here and there as part of his plans. He released an article to the media saying that he smuggled drugs, and while the investors pulled out their shares, he bought a massive part of Doshin Group.

With this, Seungcheon becomes the new CEO of Doshin Hightech, replacing his uncle. He also unveiled the secret funds of Juntae, which earned him recognition from his father.

Meanwhile, Taeyong discovers a notebook while he is organizing his things. It was the one where Seungcheon had plotted his plans to exchange lives with Taeyong through a magical golden spoon.


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