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Little Women Episode 12 Recap: Ending Explained + Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun, Park Ji Hu Finally Achieve Their Dreams

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The tvN Kdrama Little Women has finally concluded, leaving the viewers in awe of the plot twists and shocking revelations. The series stars Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun, Park Ji Hu, Uhm Ki Joon, and Wi Ha Joon and depicts the story of three poor but friendly sisters facing the richest and most powerful family in South Korea.

Little Women Episode 12 was released on October 9, 2022, and simultaneously streamed on Netflix. According to Nielsen Korea, Episode 12 received a nationwide viewership rating of 11.105%. This was the series' personal best in ratings.

Here is a Little Women Episode 12 recap, the ending explained, and everything you have to know about the recently concluded Kdrama.

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Little Women Episode 12 Recap

Little Women Episode 12 sees Hwayoung appearing as a witness during the final court trial for Oh In-Joo's case. She defends that In-Joo has no motive to embezzle the 70 billion won and admits that the crime was committed by her and Won Sang-Ah. Hwayoung reveals that she sent In-Joo the 2 billion won because she wants her to be happy.

As a result, In-Joo was acquitted of the embezzlement charges and was sentenced to one year and six months in prison because she still received the 2 billion won. In-Joo is released, and her sister, In-Kyung, comes to fetch her.

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Kim Go Eun Gets Emotional Seeing An Old Friend In Little Women Episode 12

In-Joo enters their grand aunt's house to see Hwayoung patiently waiting for her. Hwayoung expresses her apology and explains everything to her friend.

It turns out that when they went to Singapore, Hwayoung noticed how In-Joo wanted to do a lot of things, but poverty got in the way of her happiness. Hwayoung tells her that if there is a chance to die and be reborn, she would like to be In-Joo.

She admits that she gave her the 2 billion won in hopes that In-Joo would buy herself an apartment and she would not do anything else. Hwayoung never thought that In-Joo would come this far, and she only found out that she was in danger when she read an article about her.

A shocking revelation also clarifies the woman who died inside her apartment. Hwayoung reveals the identity of the woman who died instead of her through a press conference, pointing out Won Sang-Ah's dirty background with CCTV footage and her family's secret fund ledger.

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Little Women Ending Explained

After injecting drugs into Jang Sa-Pyeong, which leads to his unfortunate death, Won Sang-Ah lures in In-Kyung, using the former as bait and kidnaps her. On the other hand, Won Sang-Ah plans to destroy both In-Joo and Hwayoung.

She informs In-Joo that she has abducted Hwayoung. Although well aware that she will never get her hands on the 70 billion won again, In-Joo leaves the plane where she was supposed to leave with Choi Do-Il. She rushes to Won Sang-Ah's home and tries to reason out with her.

In-Joo holds out a grenade given by Choi Do-Il's father, bravely confronting Won Sang-Ah, who has just informed them that she had put hydrochloric acid on the sprinklers.

At that time, In-Joo mentions Won Sang-Ah's accidental murder of her mother, which probably made her who she is today. It turns out that Won Sang-Ah had a scuffle with her mother, and she accidentally pushed her to death. She goes outside the closed room to reassure her father that everything is fine, then returns to where her mother is only to see her hanging inside the closet. Shocked by the incident, Won Sang-Ah continued to commit murder to bring herself back to the situation, as she was filled with guilt.

Thankfully, In-Joo quickly thought of a solution when Won Sang-Ah opened the sprinklers. In-Joo detonates the grenade and saves Hwayoung from being burned by the hydrochloric acid pouring from above.

With In-Joo's strong hope for survival, she accidentally pushes Won Sang-Ah to drown in the hydrochloric acid and the burned blue orchid tree. General Won regained consciousness but also died immediately alone at the hospital.

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Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun, Park Ji Hu Finally Achieve Their Dreams In Little Women Episode 12

Meanwhile, In-Kyung receives an offer from the broadcasting station that lets her deliver the news about the Jeongran Society. In-Kyung declines the offer and expresses her idea of leaving for the US with Jong-Ho.

In-Joo bids goodbye to Choi Do-Il as he flies somewhere far alone. He assures them that they will see each other soon. Then, she gets a notification about a tax she must pay for a gift she has received.

It turns out that their grand aunt had left her the apartment. In-Joo tearfully accepts the apartment and finally gets to have the comfortable home she always dreamed of.

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In-Hye and Hyorin are safe abroad, and they meet Choi Do-Il. They withdrew the 70 billion from Hyorin's Panama bank account and equally divided the money among themselves. In-Hye gives the money to her sisters, wishing them all the best. Most especially, she sends In-Joo 30 billion won, saying she is sorry to always receive so much from them and that it is now her turn to give back all the love.

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