The Golden Spoon Episode 8 Recap: BTOB Yook Sungjae Wonders If Lee Jong Won Is Capable Of Killing Someone + Did Jung Chaeyeon Find Out The Real Culprit?

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Since its premiere on September 23, 2022, The Golden Spoon has attracted much interest.

Inspired by a webtoon of the same name, The Golden Spoon tells the narrative of a young man from a low-income background who, via a series of challenges, comes into possession of a magical spoon with the power to swap their lives with that of a friend from a wealthy background. BTOB Sungjae, DIA Jung Chaeyeon, Lee Jong Won, and Yeonwoo are the main cast members of the MBC Kdrama.

The Golden Spoon Episode 8 aired on October 15, 2022, at 9:50 PM KST. According to Nielsen Korea, Episode 8 received a nationwide viewership rating of 4.6%.

Here is a The Golden Spoon Episode 8 recap and everything that happened in the new Kdrama series from Disney+.

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The Golden Spoon Episode 8 Recap

The Golden Spoon Episode 8 sees Seungcheon struggling to maintain his composition when he gets arrested by the police for murder. It was soon revealed that it was a surprise party prepared by his uncle.

However, Juntae is convinced that Seungcheon was the culprit who killed Chairman Na. He drugged him in hopes of getting the truth from his mouth, but Seungcheon could not reveal anything because he exchanged positions with Taeyong that same night when Juhee’s father died.

The next morning, Seungcheon becomes even more suspicious of Taeyong and wonders whether he is capable of killing someone. Yeojin tries her best to protect Seungcheon from having his position in the company taken away, so she visits Hwang Hyundo and tells him about what Juntae did.

Filled with anger, Hyundo punished Juntae physically and reminded him of his position. Youngshin gets more eager to catch Seungcheon’s weakness, thus tracking the clothes he wore on the night of Chairman Na’s death.

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Jung Chaeyeon Loses Her Money In The Golden Spoon Episode 8

Juhee received 500 million won from her older brother, telling her that it was from their father’s slush fund and that no one should know that she had it. She wandered with the money because she had no place to stay.

Juhee, completely unaware that Seungcheon and Taeyong’s lives had changed, refuses to receive help from Seungcheon. She rushes out of the coffee shop and tries to avoid him, but Seungcheon explains that he only wants to be by her side, even as a friend.

Meanwhile, Juhee loses her money when she tries to make a deal with their former butler. Deacon Kim contacted her to tell her who was the last person who visited her father and demanded money in exchange for the information.

Juhee was about to meet her when Deacon Kim died in a sudden accident in front of her. In shock, Juhee had forgotten about her suitcase with all her money and decided to just accept her unfortunate fate.

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Yook Sungjae Leaves For Abroad In The Golden Spoon Episode 8

After witnessing the accident, Seungcheon felt strange and noticed that Hwang Hyundo was manipulating the evidence to cover for him. Juntae, on the other hand, is convinced that he was the culprit who killed Chairman Na when the DNA test conducted on Seungcheon’s jacket matched the deceased’s blood.

Instead of burying the case, Hwang Hyundo handed over all real estate and bonds to him and told Seungcheon to go to the US for some time until he was summoned. Seungcheon tried to resist, but the situation forced him to accept being thrown abroad.

Juhee rushed to the airport to bid him goodbye, but she then realized that the culprit who killed her father was Seungcheon, making their relationship worse.


After a few years, Taeyong shows up in a nice suit, and Seungcheon seems to have come back from the U.S., but in an unexpected situation.

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