The Golden Spoon Episode 12 Recap: Did BTOB Yook Sungjae Return To His Old Life? + Lee Jong Won Meets The Golden Spoon Lady

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Credit: MBCdrama/YouTube Screenshot

Even with only a handful of episodes left, The Golden Spoon has managed to keep a steady stream of viewers interested in the show's intriguing tale.

Inspired by a webtoon of the same name, The Golden Spoon tells the narrative of a young man from a low-income background who, via a series of challenges, comes into possession of a magical spoon with the power to swap their lives with that of a friend from a wealthy background. BTOB Sungjae, DIA Jung Chaeyeon, Lee Jong Won, and Yeonwoo are the main cast members of the MBC Kdrama.

The Golden Spoon Episode 12 aired on October 29, 2022, at 9:50 PM KST. According to Nielsen Korea, Episode 12 received a nationwide viewership rating of 4.7%.

Here is a The Golden Spoon Episode 12 recap and everything that happened in the new Kdrama series from Disney+.

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The Golden Spoon Episode 12 Recap

The Golden Spoon Episode 12 sees Taeyong getting his own magical golden spoon from the old lady. He eats a meal while delivering side dishes to the Doshin Group family mansion and uses the golden spoon for the first time.

Due to the thought of returning to his old life, Taeyong declares to Juhee that they should just remain friends. On the other hand, Taeyong confronts Seungcheon and teases him about the magical golden spoon.

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BTOB Yook Sungjae Makes A Strategic Move In The Golden Spoon Episode 12

Already suspicious that Taeyong might have met the old lady, Seungcheon advises the mansion staff not to let him inside and to never give him food. He visits the cathedral, where he used to go with Juhee in his original life, to soothe his anxiety.

Seungcheon finds a drunk Juhee in the cathedral and takes her home. Juhee shares how she fell in love at first sight and tells him that the Seungcheon she knows now is not the Seungcheon she liked. This makes sense, as Seungcheon is living as Hwang Taeyong and vice versa.

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BTOB Yook Sungjae Returns To His Original Life In The Golden Spoon Episode 12

On the other hand, Young-shin serves Taeyong a meal behind Seungcheon’s back. Upon learning what happened, Seungcheon visits Taeyong’s house and secretly replaces his golden spoon with a fake one. This is why Seungcheon confidently invited him to eat lunch at their house.

However, different from what he expected, Taeyong refused to eat and told him that he would never exchange his parents for money. Seungcheon gets left behind, emotionally wounded from the encounter.

While Taeyong chose family over money and continued with his life, Seungcheon struggled with pain and drowned himself in alcohol. He tells Yeojin everything that happened, which had the two owners of a golden spoon share a strange atmosphere. Seungcheon rushes to Juhee’s house, wherein the latter asks him an unsure question: "Are you the real Seungcheon?"

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Meanwhile, a shocking ending scene heightened the curiosity of viewers when Seungcheon and Taeyong did not return to their original lives as soon as Taeyong saw Hwang Hyundo. But when Seungcheon saw Lee Chul, the two exchanged again, stimulating interest in what kind of secrets would be hidden between the two families.


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