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The Glory Part 2 Countdown, Release Date, Time, Spoilers: When Will the Remaining Episodes of Song Hye Kyo's Netflix Kdrama Be Released?

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The highly-anticipated new episodes of Kdrama The Glory will finally arrive on Netflix this year.

Writer Kim Eun Sook's newest project, The Glory, divided its episodes into two parts. The first eight episodes of the drama were released in December, and the scenes immediately piqued people's interest.

The Kdrama explores the life of a former school violence victim, played by Song Hye Kyo, who plots her revenge against the perpetrators. She soon becomes the elementary school homeroom teacher of her bully's daughter.

Aside from Song Hye Kyo, the series also stars Lee Do Hyun, Yeom Hye Ran, Lim Ji Yeon, Park Sung Hoon, Kim Hieora and Cha Joo Young, to name a few.

After a long wait, the viewers finally knew when exactly part two of The Glory would be released.

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The Glory Part 1 Recap

The first eight episodes of The Glory revealed Moon Dong Eun's story as she endured and survived the school violence that she suffered despite not receiving help from people who were supposed to help her.

She spent years preparing her perfect revenge, ultimately becoming a teacher to become the homeroom adviser of the perpetrator's daughter. She then gave all the bullies a warning while also seeking revenge against one of her high school teachers.

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The last episode of The Glory witnessed Joo Yeo Jeong agreeing to help her in her revenge, and Moon Dong Eun now holds her bullies in her own hands.

The first part of The Glory recorded 25.4 million hours of viewership globally in three days after its release.

The Glory Part 2 Spoilers

Before releasing The Glory part 2, the drama series unveiled stills featuring the characters that hyped the viewers even more.

As shared by News1, it can be seen that Song Hye Kyo's Moon Dong Eun is holding back her tears as she looks at someone; Joo Yeo Jeong, on the other hand, looks at someone intently.

Lim Ji Yeon also looks serious while making a phone call.

According to writer Kim Eun Sook, part two would offer "plenty of excitement, intensity, and satisfying moments."

Director Ahn Gil Ho also said, "Dong Eun and Yeon Jin's fight will officially begin, and the story of the perpetrators getting punished will be told dynamically in a way that will have your eyes glued to the screen. All the loose ends will be tied up."

The Glory Part 2 Countdown: Kdrama's Release Date, Time Confirmed

The Glory Part 2 Countdown, Release Date, Time, Spoilers

Initially, Netflix only said it would release the drama sometime in March.

A few weeks after the release of the first part, the streaming giant confirmed it would drop the next and last eight episodes on March 10.

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