The Glory Episode 9 Recap: Lim Ji Yeon Discovers Jung Sung Il's Meetings With Song Hye Kyo

Credit: NETFLIX/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: NETFLIX/YouTube Screenshot

The Glory episode 9 gives viewers a new shocking turn of events.

After a long wait, Netflix released the remaining episodes of The Glory on March 10. It previously released its first eight episodes.

Here's what happened in The Glory episode 9.

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The Glory Episode 9 Recap

The Glory episode 9 narrates what happened on October 17, when Son Myeong O kept calling Ha Do Yeong O. He also called Lee Sa Ra and asked her to exchange cash and the day Yoon So Hee died.

Jeon Jae Jun soon talked to him regarding the embezzlement records he had sent. In return, Son Myeong O told him to give him one bitcoin per page.

Son Myeong O confessed to Choi Hye Jeong and told her to leave South Korea with him.

After the phone calls, however, he also tried involving Moon Dong Eun in his plans.

In the present day, Ha Do Yeong finds Park Yeon Jin inside Moon Dong Eun's former room. He queries her about bullying someone. In the same room, he discovers a photo of Han Ye Sol with Jeon Jae Jun.

Moon Dong Eun, on the other hand, listens to their conversation secretly.

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Meanwhile, Joo Yeo Jeong visits a mortuary where Yoon So Hee's body is reportedly being stored. He finds out that it is actually in the freezer. A doctor tells him that the orders to have such security came from his late father.

Lee Sara receives a summon from the police, while Jeon Jae Jun already undergoes questioning following Son Myeong O's criminal investigation.

Moon Dong Eun sits down for a conversation with Park Yeon Jin after the latter breaks into her room. She tells her to confess to the police or receive her punishment straight from Moon Dong Eun. However, Park Yeon Jin remains unbothered by her words.

Before Son Myeong O disappeared, he left a message through Ha Do Yeong's secretary regarding Park Yeon Jin's affair.

Amid their plans, Moon Dong Eun and Joo Yeo Jeong find some time to have fun together and be romantic.

The Glory episode 9 also sees Kang Hyeong Nam wanting to get revenge on her husband, who also abuses her daughter. She asks her to study in the US and promises to follow her.

Joo Yeo Jong's mother offers full support for his plans with Moon Dong Eun, who discovers shocking information about Yoon So Hee before her death. The episode also reveals Park Yeon Jin's connection to Son Myeong O's death.

The episode ends with Park Yeon Jin confronting Kang Hyeong Nam after she finds a photo of her husband.

When Was The Glory Part 2 Released?

Netflix released the highly-anticipated second part of The Glory on March 10. It remains unknown whether there will be part 3 or The Glory season 2 soon.

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