The Glory Director Ahn Gil Ho Breaks Silence, Issues Apology for ‘Criticisms,’ Bullying Victims

Credit: Vstar/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Vstar/YouTube Screenshot

Amid The Glory's fight to stop and bring awareness about bullying, its director, Ahn Gil Ho, admitted to being a former bully when he was still a student in the Philippines. The producer issued an official statement to address the issue and apologized for the "public criticism" on Sunday, March 12.

Naver revealed Ahn Gil Ho's bullying history, accusing him of being the perpetrator of school violence in time for The Glory Part 2's release. After just a couple of days, the director broke his silence about it.

The Public Apology

The moviemaker released a statement via eDaily, apologizing for the criticisms and wanted to "convey his apologies directly." His legal rep said he indeed had a girlfriend when he was still studying in another country in 1996.

He then admitted to committing an "irreversible, hurtful act against another person" after learning his girlfriend became a subject of mockery because of him. Hence, he wanted to ask for forgiveness from the people who were hurt by the incident back then.

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If he would only have an opportunity, Ahn Gil Ho wanted to personally apologize or at least talk to his victims through the wire.

After this issue emerged, fans couldn't help but be surprised by the irony of Ahn Gil Ho's The Glory and the real-life incident. One fan, who was also a victim of bullying in the past, said he was already disappointed by the show after learning about its director's wrongdoing. Others stated life was worse than fiction, and this news made them sad.

Ahn Gil Ho's Girlfriend Responds to the Claims

Meanwhile, Ahn Gil Ho's former girlfriend responded to bullying through a Korean news agency. She claimed she wasn't offensively teased at the time and was only playing around, being pulled in between two friends.

However, she didn't know that her then-boyfriend took it seriously and ended up assaulting her friends. If she only knew, she wouldn't have told him what happened. Another witness insisted that the incident wasn't too small for Ahn Gil Ho to just forget about.

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For starters, Victim A claimed they moved forward after finding it "absurd and unforgivable" that a school bully like Ahn Gil Hoi would direct a show about fighting bullying in The Glory, wanting to raise awareness to stop school violence.

They said if Ahn Gil Ho denied the allegations, the people subjected to questioning and threats back then were ready to testify.

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The Glory Part 2 dropped on Netflix last March 10.

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