Kang So Ra Reveals Desperation to Lose Weight and the Secret Behind It

Credit: MBCentertainment/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: MBCentertainment/YouTube Screenshot

Kang So Ra is now back on the small screens, but her return doesn't come easy. The actress revealed she was desperate to lose weight after giving birth so that she could act again.

Kang So Ra returns to acting with the ENA drama Strangers Again. But it took her blood and sweat to do by losing 20kg.

Kang So Ra's Weight Loss

The 33-year-old revealed, via AllKpop, that she had shared her secret many times and there was nothing new about it.

Everyone knows that she exercises and keeps a healthy diet, as many people have been asking her about her diet, and she stresses there's nothing special about it.

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"I was just desperate," she said. "I diligently worked out because I really wanted to go back to work quickly. I usually did Pilates and weightlifting to tone my body."

Kang So Ra as a Mom

Kang So Ra tied the knot in 2020 and welcomed her first child in 2021.

When asked how's she like as a mom, she believed having a good life would benefit her kid, so she found it important to show her kid the value of hard work even if the results weren't perfect.

"So, I thought, 'I should live my life diligently," she continued.

The Doctor Stranger star added that she got help caring for her daughter when she had to film a show.

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"I received a lot of help with childrearing from those around me. The filming schedule changed to only four days a week, so it helped a lot," she added. "So, I was able to take care of my child for the three days I wasn't working."

Kang So Ra also stated that having a child is the must-needed change she had.

"Personally, I think this was a change that I needed in my life. I actually adjusted fairly quickly," she stated. "I used to live with my parents before getting married, so I feel I was able to truly become independent now. I realized that I used to live most of my life as celebrity Kang So Ra, but I put that aside so life is much better."

Kang So Ra's Latest Project

Kang So Ra was recently seen in the K-Drama Strangers Again with Jang Seung Jo. The two played the roles of the divorce lawyers Oh Ha Ra and Goo Eun Beom, who got married after dating for a decade only to opt for divorce later.

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The two then met again, and the chemistry was still between them, resulting in a rekindled romance.

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