Physical: 100 Controversy: Producers Break Silence Over Cheating Allegations, Reveal What Really Happened

Credit: Netflix K-Content/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Netflix K-Content/YouTube Screenshot

The production team of the hit Netflix reality show Physical: 100 has finally addressed the cheating claims surrounding the series finale. Producers Jang Ho Ki and Kim Young Ki held a press conference at the MBC Golden Mouse Hall on Thursday, March 9, to reveal what really happened.

Jang Ho Ki and Kim Young Ki stressed no manipulation or any of that sort occurred during the final battle between Jung Hae Min and Woo Jin Yong in Physical: 100 despite the claims.

The Controversy

After the winner's announcement, rumors started to swirl that the show had manipulated the results.

Some said that Jung Hae Min was already winning the final round when Woo Jin Yong stopped the game, claiming his equipment had a problem.

The staff checked his equipment and found nothing wrong, but Woo Jin Yong said it was “squeaking” too much. So, they lubricated the gear, making it easier for them to play the final round.

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Jung Hae Min then aired his side and addressed the manipulation controversy, revealing the producers stopped the game again after Woo Jin Yong’s first interruption.

He said they asked if they could record again due to sound issues.

The Uncut Footage

Jang Ho Ki and Kim Young Ki showed the final round’s uncut footage to show everyone the noise from the wheel, per AllKpop.

In the clip, the game was already running for 10 minutes when the huge wheels began to make noise.

"We decided to continue with the round to prevent the flow of the game from being disrupted. But then we stopped the game because the continuous noise seemed very serious, and it was difficult to use the footage. The noise kept getting louder during the competition,” Jang Ho Ki explained.

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"If the pulley shaft was destroyed and the wheel became loose and rolled out, there was a great risk of injury,” he added. “So, we didn't just stop the game without reason or to affect the outcome."

He also addressed why they stopped the game the second time.

"The game resumed but was stopped again after 26 seconds,” he admitted.

He then revealed it was because the pulley was knotted on Woo Jin Yong’s side, and Jung Hae Min continued playing until the production team blew the whistle.

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"We explained the unexpected situation to both contestants and we received agreement from both. We asked if they would like to do the competition again a few days later but they wanted to continue on the same day,” Jang Ho Ki continued. "The allegations that the production team manipulated the results unfairly to make a specific contestant a winner and to make the competition more dramatic is false."

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