The First Luke Cage Teaser Trailer Is Here

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The first ever teaser trailer for Luke Cage has arrived.

Marvel and Netflix are set to introduce the new hero as fans wrap up the second season of Daredevil.  


In Netflix’s teaser for Luke Cage, which appears to be kind of like Netflix's version of MCU’s post-credits scenes, we get a first glimpse of the new hero after the events in Jessica Jones.

Luke is seen confidently stepping into a gym as he gets a not-so-warm welcome by armed attackers. Of course, if you’ve been following Luke’s adventures in Jessica Jones, you know what happens next. Bullets are no match for this hero. We can see that as Luke calmly talk and tell the gunmen: "You must not have heard about me."

Like most goons, these bad guys in the trailer attempt to kill the hero with their guns. Luke then gives them a beating without even sweating.

The teaser can be watched via Netflix, but because the Internet is awesome, you can also check out what happens below:



The showdown in the teaser seems pretty exciting even if we already know Luke’s powers.

While not much is revealed about Luke or what his adventures will be in the new series, we do get a first look at the show’s logo.

With the success of Marvel / Netflix collaborations recently, including Daredevil and Jessica Jones, I’m pretty sure this series won’t fall short in terms of quality and surprises.

Luke Cage premieres on September 30. 

Are you excited to see this show?

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