The Case Study of Vanitas Episode 17 RELEASE DATE and TIME, COUNTDOWN for Vanitas no Karte

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The Case Study of Vanitas returned with an episode that redefines the Gédauvan arc and everything we thought we knew about it. Noé's ability to read memories leads to an unsettling discovery, and Vanitas realizes his mission might be much more challenging than usual due to the particularities of Chloé's curse.

Can't wait for the conclusion of this epic and increasingly complicated conflict? Keep reading! Below, you'll find everything you need to know about The Case Study of Vanitas Episode 17, or The Case Study of Vanitas Part 2 Episode 5, including its release date, airing time, and more!

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The Case Study of Vanitas Episode 16 Recap

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Credit: Bones

Based on a beloved shonen manga of the same name, The Case Study of Vanitas follows Noe, a young vampire, and Vanitas, an overpowered human, as they grudgingly team up to rescue vampires from the corruption of their true name, while investigating disturbing mysteries in the vampire world.


To complicate matters, the enigmatic Vanitas makes life difficult for Noe, who, however, can't help being intrigued by his new companion. But as the two embark on occasionally hilarious adventures, there's still a shadow looming over their partnership. Noe, who narrates his story from a later time, reveals that he killed Vanitas at the end of their joint journey.

Attention: Spoilers below

Episode 16 starts with Jean-Jacques, Chloé's partner locking up Noé, as he believes the conflict of Gédauvan will soon be permanently resolved and wants his newfound friend to remain safe. Before going to face Vanitas and his allies, Jean-Jacques makes Noé drink his blood. Having figured out that Noé can read memories through blood, he wants at least one person to remember him and Chloé.

What Noé finds out is more than a bit surprising. As it turned out, Jean-Jacques met Chloé when he was still a very young vampire, and found shelter in her love. Chloé's family had been recently annihilated due to suspicions associated with the Beast of Gédauvan, and Jean-Jacques resolved to do anything to protect her - even if it meant becoming the Beast himself.

While it's true that Chloé willingly walked into an agreement with Naenia, she was never the Beast. Originally, the Beast was a rumor started by the church to justify their mistreatment of vampires.

Vanitas and Jeanne finally arrive, and the former is reunited with Noé. Upon finding out the truth about the Beast, Vanitas is troubled. So far, he has only saved vampires who had been tricked into corruption, but Chloé has bound herself to Naenia through her own free will, making a challenge to rescue. To make matters worse, Chloé has no recollection of where Vanitas' book is - or at least, so she claims.

The episode ends in a tense moment, with Chloé having just used her research to give Naenia a corporeal form; in her own words, one even she could defeat. Could Chloé have bonded with Naenia in hopes of destroying her? Was she never the villain? Hopefully, episode 17 will answer some of these questions.


The Case Study of Vanitas Episode 17 Release Date

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Credit: Bones

The Case Study of Vanitas Episode 17, titled "Hands Upon a Nightmare"
is going to air on Saturday, the 12th of February 2022, in Japan. Fans in Europe, Canada, and the US will be able to watch it from Friday, February 11.

The newest episodes of Vanitas no Karte are currently available on Funimation, Crunchyroll, and Hulu.


The Case Study of Vanitas Episode 17 Release Time

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Credit: Bones

We expect The Case Study of Vanitas Episode 17 to come out on Saturday the 12th of February at midnight in Japan. If this timeline remains correct, here's how it translates in different time zones:

  • Pacific Time: 7:00 AM (February 11)
  • Central Time: 9:00 AM (February 11)
  • Eastern Time: 10:00 AM (February 11)
  • British Time: 3:00 PM (February 11)

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The Case Study of Vanitas Episode 17 COUNTDOWN

The Case Study of Vanitas Episode 17 Countdown


The Case Study of Vanitas Episode 17 will be available to watch online with English subtitles very soon! Other works to look out for this winter include Sabikui Bisco and Teasing Master Takagi-san.