The Case Study of Vanitas Part 1 Ending Explained

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The Case Study of Vanitas released its final episode for now. Thankfully, the second 12-episodecour is already confirmed, so returning to the steampunk vampire Paris is only a matter of time, and we just can't wait. Meanwhile, here's the ending of Part 1 explained:

The Case Study of Vanitas Ending Explained: What Is Ruthven's Plan?


In Episode 11, Ruthven seriously injured Noé, making us worry about his fate; this happened because Noé proclaimed that he likes vampires and humans equally, as both are equally capable of good and evil alike. Without spoiling too much from the manga, it's important to know that Ruthven once shared this idealism but does not anymore, so he took Noé's remark rather personally.

The finale reveals that Ruthven decided to keep the young vampire alive for now. However, by attacking and drinking his blood, the vampire lord forced a terrible fate on Noé. At one single – an currently unknown -point in the future, Noé will have to obey one command by Ruthven, whatever it is.

Noé is forced to swear this oath, though it's strongly implied that he does not remember it, as he wakes up fine, with only his thirst for Vanitas' blood concerning him. At this point, we've no way of knowing what Ruthven is going to demand. However, given the way Season 1 started, I would guess that Ruthven is going to command Noé to kill Vanitas.

After all, Noé admits to that from the very beginning, and this is a major plot point that keeps fans interesting. Killing Vanitas seems so out of character for Noé so it would make sense for him to be supernaturally coerced, rather than do it out of his own volition. Hopefully, Part 2 and the ongoing manga will reveal the answer sooner rather than later.


It is clear that Lord Ruthven is not on our main characters' side, but we'll, unfortunately, have to wait a bit longer to discover his exact motivations.

The Case Study of Vanitas Ending Explained: Where Are the Main Characters Now?

The dynamic between the main characters is still quite fragile, though they've settled into a rather comfortable companionship. Noé finds Vanitas intriguing, and he's very interested in his blood. Of course, given how Noé is an Archiviste, someone who can access a person's memory by drinking their blood, Vanitas has made it very clear that this is out of the question.


Vanitas' past will therefore remain a mystery for now, as what little he chooses to reveal is often disjointed and potentially unreliable. However, the anime and manga have a long way to go, so we can hope that more about him will be revealed soon.

As Noé is still ashamed of his lapse at a moment of extreme hunger, things between him and Vanitas are a bit awkward, but the two nevertheless embark on a new journey. This time, they're traveling to find out more about the infamous beast of Gevaudan. In the far away, snow land, an unnamed new character is revealed to be plotting their revenge.

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Meanwhile, Noé's new friend, the chasseur Roland, is warned that his friendly disposition towards Noé will threaten his family, as he's supposed to be a vampire hunter first.


Jeanne has a lot to process, as her feelings for Vanitas remain more complicated than she initially hope, and it appears that the human has feelings for her as well, given how much of his blood he's let her consume. But is she a curse bearer? Neither Jeanne nor Vanitas were able to tell at the time, so this could pose an interesting tension later on.

While not particularly complex, the ending of Vanitas no Karte leaves a lot of questions and many plot points to be picked up at a later time. The new episode batch can't come soon enough!