Tammy Slaton Shock: 1000-lb Sisters Banned From TikTok For Allegedly Scamming, Lying

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Tammy Slaton is one of the very popular reality stars today. She is present on almost all social media platforms, and her fans have been supportive of her due to her unique content. However, the 1000-lb Sisters star was banned on TikTok, and her fans have carious speculations for the reason behind the ban.

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Tammy Slaton TikTok Banned: 1000-lb Sisters Stars' Fans Share Various Theories

Tammy Slaton had been using the TikTok account @queentammy86. However, she no longer has access to the profile. Her fans also noticed that her account was scrubbed of all its content, Screen Rant reported.

According to reports, Tammy's page was banned due to "multiple Community Guidelines violations." Tammy has over 1 million subscribers on her page, and many were sad about her ban.

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However, several also shared their thoughts about the ban. Some were convinced that it was due to the alleged scamming and lying involving the star.


Tammy was accused of scamming her fans with her merchandise. She promoted them on TikTok, but the products were allegedly based on uncredited artists. She also allegedly took money from her merch sales as donations instead of legitimate payment. The sketchy business may have reached TikTok.

Tammy and Amy had a history of scamming. Amy previously set up a GoFundMe page asking fans for money for Tammy's funeral expenses. Amy alleged that Tammy was dying and they needed an extra-large coffin.

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Tammy is still alive, and she never needed a coffin. However, Amy still took the money, so they were accused of scamming their fans.

Another theory is that Tammy lied about her age on the profile. One Reddit wrote, "[Tammy] said people reported her for 'not doing cameos' and lied and said she was underage."

It is reportedly against TikTok's community rules to lie about age. It could result in getting banned if enough people would report about it.

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1000-lb Sisters Tammy Slaton Also Criticized Cameo

Tammy's popularity has gained millions of fans, and many patronize her on various platforms, including Cameo. Several paid Tammy for a video to greet their loved ones on their birthdays or anniversaries on Cameo. However, many complained because they didn't like her videos.

Several said Tammy didn't know what to say or didn't read the message they sent to her. Others said she didn't know how to hold the camera or the video was too dark.

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"A complete rip-off," one client wrote in the comment section.


But despite the criticisms, many were also thankful for Tammy for giving them the video that made the occasion extra special for their friends and family members.

Tammy Slaton and her sister, Amy Slaton, will be back next month for the new season of 1000-lb Sisters.

1000-lb Sisters Season 3 premieres on Nov. 15 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

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