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Karl Stefanovic Bombshell: Today Host Reportedly Joined Forces With Allison Langdon To Address Gender Pay Gap That Forced Lisa Wilkinson To Quit

Credit: TODAY/YouTube Screenshot

Today hosts Allison Langdon, and Karl Stefanovic have been hitting the headlines recently. Reports suggested that the pair capitalizes on the show’s ratings and demands big bucks to return next year.

Allison and Karl have allegedly joined forces in demanding a salary increase for 2022. The talk show hosts have, reportedly, recognized their worth as Today continues to enjoy rating surge lately. Keep on reading to know more details.

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Allison Langdon And Karl Stefanovic Reportedly Started Negotiating Their Contracts

Woman’s Day Australia, in its upcoming Oct. 25, 2021 issue, claimed that Allison Langdon and Karl Stefanovic were sighted having a low-key meeting with Anthony Bell last week. The entertainment news outlet speculated that the Today hosts are already in talks with their Nine contracts, and they, allegedly, did not hold back.

It was claimed that Allison and Karl have already signed on for at least one more year with Nine. An unnamed source told the publication that the duo has worked together and set themselves up for life. The insider told the magazine:

“Karl and Ally aren’t stupid – they’ve found their momentum and they want more money. They continue winning week after week in prime markets like Sydney – they’ve finally found their groove. They’ve timed it perfectly so they can leverage their ongoing ratings success. They asked for $1.8 million each.”

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The same informant furthered that said amount is almost doubled the original salary of Allison Langdon. It, however, noted that Karl Stefanovic would have been pleased with a small salary increase, saying:

“Karl has realized his secret weapon to survival on the show is Ally. He learned the hard way a few years back with Lisa Wilkinson that you don’t upset your co-host – and most importantly, you don’t earn more money!”

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The magazine said Karl Stefanovic did not want history to repeat itself after Lisa Wilkinson walked away from Today in 2017 as she failed to secure the same salary as her male co-host. A tipster told Woman’s Day Australia:

“Karl knows if he loses Ally he’s done. So he believed if he joined forces with her, and they took on Nine head first, then they had every chance to get exactly the money they wanted. He knew the gender pay gap issue that forced Lisa off the show had to be addressed and he’ll never make that mistake again.”

While it is not impossible for Allison Langdon and Karl Stefanovic to ask for a raise, especially with the undeniable success of Today, it is essential to note that neither of the television hosts has confirmed anything as of yet. Hence, avid followers of the two should take all these claims lightly until everything is proven true and correct.

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Allison Langdon And Karl Stefanovic Spotted Together At The TAB Everest Race Day

Meanwhile, amid the “pay wars” reports, Allison Langdon and Karl Stefanovic were seen with the former’s husband Michael Willesee Jr. at the TAB Everest race day in Sydney on October 16. The trio graced the first major celebrity event in Sydney after several months of lockdowns across the city.

During the sighting, Allison donned an orange-colored dress and a pair of white sneakers. The female television host accentuated her ensemble with a gold handbag and chose warm-toned makeup that matched her ankle-length attire.

Karl Stefanovic, for his part, opted to wear a black suit with a green-colored necktie. The Today host completed his look with a pair of black shoes, a black mask, and a watch. On the other hand, Allison Langdon’s husband sported a blue suit with a pale shirt and a dark polka dot tie.

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