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Tammy Slaton Relationship Status: 1000-Lb Sisters Star Engaged To Phillip Redmond Or Single Again?

Credit: TLC/YouTube Screenshot

The 1000-Lb Sisters fans are not sure whether Tammy Slaton is single or engaged. Her boyfriend Phillip Redmond sparked engagement rumors earlier, but the TLC star seemed single again based on her TikTok post.

1000-Lb Sisters Star Tammy Slaton Single Or Engaged?

For several months, fans have been informed that Tammy Slaton is in a rehab facility in Ohio to lose weight. She underwent rehab to qualify for bariatric surgery. Amid her weight loss journey, many are interested in her love life.

In the previous months, her social media activity suggested that she got back with her ex-boyfriend Phillip Redmond. On June 26, he updated his Facebook status, hinting about his engagement to Tammy. Later posts suggested that Tammy left rehab and joined him in Kentucky, Soap Dirt reported.

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However, the TLC star is back on TikTok once again. And 1000-Lb Sisters fans noticed that she has been posting sad breakup songs, which many believe is an indication that she's broken-hearted and probably is single once again.

The outlet noted that Phillip's Facebook status had also changed. It previously showed that he was engaged to Tammy. However, it now simply reads engaged.

Phillip has also slowed down with his love posts. His most recent post about Tammy was on July 27, her birthday. Some netizens believed that their relationship may have fizzled out again.

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Tammy Slaton After Phillip Redmond Split In 1000-Lb Sisters Season 3

Tammy Slaton and Phillip Redmond's relationship was featured on 1000-Lb Sisters Season 3. She introduced him to the viewers in the third season, but it didn't take long before they also split.

"I broke up with Phillip because I was tired of him getting mad over every little thing," Tammy said in a clip obtained by People.

My door's always open to talking to people. And if something works out, then it just works out," she added when asked whether she wanted to find someone new or take a break from dating.

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While Tammy was open to potential suitors, her sister Misty, preferred her to be single. Misty wanted Tammy to focus on her weight loss.

According to Misty, her sister had a "bad habit" of ignoring other priorities when she was in a relationship. "And I think that her priority should be more on her diet instead of the dating," she added.

1000-Lb Sisters has been renewed for another season. Fans should watch out for more updates about Tammy's weight loss journey and dating life in season 4.

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