T-ARA Hyomin Heartbreak: K-pop Idol's Heartbreaking Reason for Breaking Up Hwang Ui Jo Revealed

Credit: 1THEK/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: 1THEK/YouTube Screenshot

T-ARA Hyomin did not experience a happy-ever-after type of romance while dating soccer star Hwang Ui Jo.

In January, Sports Chosun revealed that Hyomin and Hwang Ui Jo were dating, and the duo reportedly started their romance in November when they traveled to Switzerland together.

The report had since been supported by Dispatch – a trusted site that reveals New Year Couple every year. It said that the duo confirmed their relationship, detailing that they reached the stage of getting to know each other more.

But only two months since their dating buzz came out, Hyomin and Hwang Ui Jo ultimately broke up due to a saddening reason.

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Reason Why Hyomin, Hwang Ui Jo Broke Up

The K-pop idol’s managing agent confirmed on Tuesday that the couple called it quits. Hyomin and Hwang Ui Jo, however, have not released an official statement yet.

According to Hyomin’s agent, the two broke up due to the pressure they faced after their relationship came out. This reportedly caused them to grow apart and prompted them to remain friends instead.

“At the time, neither Hyomin nor Hwang Ui Jo had management agencies, so there was no one who could perform official duties. We ask for your understanding that they could not respond quickly to inquiries,” the statement continued.

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Fans are now disappointed due to the reason behind their split. Per Hyomin’s supporters, the two probably suffered stressful days since their relationship got publicized.

Despite that, they remain hopeful they could try again in the future as the two “looked good with each other as a couple.”

Hyomin Suffered More with Recent Breakup

Hyomin never had a quiet life that her career was almost got affected by her previous relationship buzzes.

Before dating the soccer star, she was embroiled in rumors that she had Chinese sponsors and wealthy boyfriends. But Hyomin has since dismissed the claims and told Radio Star she never received a $7.5 million contract and supercars from Chinese multi-billionaire Wang Sicong.

Hyomin added that T-ARA members indeed visited the businessman's entertainment company for a possible partnership. Still, the rumors about the hefty gifts were not true at all.

With the recent change in her relationship, fans urged the public to let Hyomin and other K-pop idols date peacefully.

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