Supernatural Star Jensen Ackles Was Almost Deadpool Before Ryan Reynolds

Jensen Ackles has made a name for himself by playing Dean Winchester in Supernatural for more than a decade. However, there was a time when he could have been the Merc with a Mouth. Ackles has just revealed that he was once considered for the role of Deadpool before Ryan Reynolds was ultimately cast.

Jensen Ackles recently attended the Supernatural SPN PHX J2 convention where he spoke about being considered for a comic book movie before he joined The Boys.

"There was definitely a movie that I was very much in talks about... I wasn't available, so the train just kind of stopped there. But, had I been available, I would've had to, you know, jump through the studio hoops and jump through the, you know, producer hoops and stuff. But I had a really good shot, and it's a movie that I really, really like," Ackles shared.

When pushed further, Ackles confirmed that the film was Deadpool.

"It was probably a good thing because my ex-girlfriend was on there and so that probably would have been awkward, so it probably worked out for the best," he stated before praising the cast and crew.

"I think that whole cast was amazing. I probably would've messed that up for a lot of people had I been a part of it, so probably best I didn't. But that would've been cool," Ackles concluded.

It's interesting to know that Jensen Ackles was once in the running to play Wade Wilson. After all, he has the right attitude for the role and he does share the character's humor. Nevertheless, we're glad that Ackles chose to pass on the role and Ryan Reynolds took on the part.

Jensen Ackles returns as Soldier Boy in The Boys Season 4, which has not yet been given an official release date.

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