Deadpool 3 Will See Wade Wilson Break the Fourth Wall and Mock the MCU

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Wade Wilson
Credit: Fox

Let's face it, Fox's now-defunct X-Men universe isn't one of the most celebrated franchises in the comic book film genre but it can't be denied that they did one thing right with Deadpool 1 & 2. This is why along with the acquisition of the company in 2019, Marvel Studios decided to keep Wade Wilson the way he is with Ryan Reynolds reprising the part.

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Credit: Fox

Now, in case you were worried that Disney will present a watered-down version of the Merc with a Mouth, it was previously reported that Marvel Studios intends to keep the Deadpool film franchise's R-rating.

Apart from the unadulterated violence and his trademark sense of humor, Mr. Pool is also confirmed to be bringing his fourth-wall-breaking antics to the MCU. Appearing with Deadpool 3 co-writer Paul Wernick on The Post Credit Podcast (via The Direct), Rhett Reese said that the beloved anti-hero isn't holding back and everyone in the franchise is pretty much "fair game".

He said: "How many movies have they given us? 25? 26? 28? Something like that. We have a treasure trove of things to poke fun at now… and Deadpool’s an equal [opportunist] so everyone’s fair game."

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We all know for a fact that Disney has long been known to be a company that caters to a certain demographic and I think it's cool that the House of Mouse is giving Deadpool a major pass. I'm equally intrigued and excited to see what Kevin Feige has in store for the character because his antics are far different from what we're used to in the MCU.

Deadpool 3 is currently in development.

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