Superman & Lois Season 3: Fans to See a Different Jonathan Kent after Jordan Elsass' Exit

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Jordan Elsass will reportedly not return to Superman & Lois Season 3 after leaving the show for "personal reasons." Now, the series is looking for a new star to play Jonathan Kent.

Jonathan will be recast in Superman & Lois Season 3. Warner Bros. Television announced Elsass' exit six weeks after the second season ended.


Jordan Elsass' Exit Ahead of Superman & Lois Season 3

In a statement that Warners Bros. Television released on Tuesday, August 17, via Variety, it announced Elsass's decision to leave Superman & Lois Season 3.

"Jordan Elsass has notified the studio that he will not be returning to Superman & Lois for Season 3 due to personal reasons," the statement read.

Though the exact reason for the actors' exit is unknown, a source close to the production revealed it had nothing to do with any "workplace-related issue."


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Insiders added that the third season's production is about to begin in Vancouver soon, and Elsass didn't manage to arrive at the location "by the deadline."

Jonathan's Storyline in the Past Two Superman & Lois Seasons

Jonathan has been described as "clean-cut, modest, and kind-hearted." He has an "aw-shucks" attitude that seems to be dated.

For the past two seasons, he has undergone surprising revelations, including introducing his alternate-universe version, Bizarro-Jon, with some superpowers.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly before his exit, he revealed the debut of Bizarro-Jon was his favorite part of the whole season.

He said,

"It was just so much fun to get into that headspace. I mean, you really feel powerful. And that's the thing about when you're really into it, and you're doing the scene."

He continued,

"It can drain the life out of you, or it can make you feel like a million bucks. Playing Jon El, because he's confident and dark, much like the Joker, I think that is a big similarity there. Heath played it the whole time that he's very, very confident in any situation, and he just does not care."

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However, there's a difference between his two versions.

He added,

"Jon El at least wants to be very calculated and meticulous and very calm and cool, but internally he's still young, and obviously he's still going through it in these high-pressure, high-stress situations."

Elsass admitted that the difficulty in playing two characters was that Jon El was the same age as the other Jon.


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He explained,

"He's still a kid, you know? I had to play into that where it's not super, super dark. He still doesn't fully understand how the world works and people's motives because he's still young and naive. That was an interesting dynamic to play because it's not just full-out bad guy. There's still some innocence in him, and there's still some good in him. But he's a villain in the making, definitely."

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