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Sex Education Season 4: Will James Purefoy Return?

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Credit: Good Morning Britain/YouTube Screenshot

Amid the several character exits, James Purefoy hints at his possible return in Sex Education Season 4 to reprise his role as Remi Milburn. Sure, he wasn’t seen in the third season, but he could play a major part in the next. How?

The third season ended with a big question, who is the father of Jean’s (Gillian Anderson) new baby, Joy? Knowing Remi is Otis’ (Asa Butterfield) father and Jean’s ex-husband, is it possible he’s also Joy’s dad? We will probably find out in Sex Education Season 4.

The Possible Return of James Purefoy in Sex Education Season 4

The new season sees several character exits, from Tanya Reynolds’ Lily to Patricia Allison’s Ola to Rakhee Thakrar’s teacher Emily Sands.

Thankfully, Ncuti Gatwa has already confirmed his return as Eric. So, will fans also see Purefoy reprising his role?

In an interview with Digital Spy, the actor hints at his interest in returning, though he’s also not sure about it.

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"I was shooting Pennyworth for HBO Max when they were shooting season 3,” he explained. “Whether that stopped them from having me in, I have no idea. It's a cracking show, I love Sex Education. I think it's a really brilliant piece of work. If they wanted me back, I'd be there in a heartbeat."

Clearly, Purefoy wants to do Sex Education Season 4, though there may be no plans about it yet.

Based on his explanation, the writers, too, seems unwilling to remove Remi from the series. Hence, he has a big chance to return to the fold.

Remi’s Storyline in Sex Education Season 4

Storyline-wise, Remi’s return will be welcomed in Sex Education Season 4. Though he wasn’t seen in the third season, he was still mentioned and even became a critical part of it.

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In fact, Remi and Jean’s fling in the second season played out its consequences on Jean and Jakob’s (Mikael Persbrandt) relationship in the third season.

So, returning to the fourth season will create more drama, especially if he turns out to be Joy’s father.

Addressing Sex Education Season 4 Character Exits

With several character exits, and they all played major roles in the previous seasons, Sex Education Season 4 might need to introduce new characters, per Screen Rant.

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It might also delve further into the lives of its original characters after being sidelined in the previous seasons.

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