Superman & Lois to End with Upcoming Season

Superman & Lois
Credit: The CW

Superman & Lois
Credit: The CW

Since The Flash finished its run earlier this year, Superman & Lois remained the only Arroweverse series that is still airing on The CW with a new season coming next year.

However, as it is heading to its fourth season, there will be a lot of massive changes as they have reduced its regular cast members and cut down the budget and episode numbers compared to the first three seasons.

The CW is also minimizing their scripted shows as they're now more focused on unscripted programming which made some fans wonder how much shelf life Superman & Lois have left in the rest of its run.

Now, we finally have a new update on the show's future and it looks like fans should now be ready to say goodbye when it returns.

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The CW Announces the End of Superman & Lois with Upcoming Season 4

Superman & Lois
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Credit: The CW

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Superman & Lois is ending its run on The CW in the upcoming 10-episode fourth season that will air next year.

"Over the last three seasons, Superman & Lois redefined both the superhero genre and family drama as Tyler, Elizabeth and the entire cast effortlessly portrayed these classic characters with new layers of depth and complexity that had never before been explored in the Superman universe," The CW president of entertainment Brad Schwartz said in the announcement.

"We are grateful for the years of hard work and graceful storytelling from the show’s writers, producers, actors, and crew, as well as our terrific partners at Warner Bros. Television and Berlanti Productions."

Schwartz continued, "As Superman embarks on his final flight, the team is leaving us with an absolutely epic 10-episode must-watch-every-minute farewell to one of the most legendary CW families ever."

The show's conclusion comes as DC Studios chairmen James Gunn and Peter Safran are also setting up the new DCU franchise. It also marked the end of the Arrowverse, which was the cornerstone franchise of The CW during the 2010s.

Prior to this announcement, it was also reported that the writing staff for the series was reduced from eight to five due to budget cuts. Production is set to begin once the current actors' strike ends in the very near future.

There is no doubt that this is sad news for fans of the series since it has gained a lot of following for the past few years, but at the very least, the writers will be able to come up with a satisfying conclusion and the ending won't be abrupt like some of the shows.

The first three seasons of Superman & Lois are available to stream on Max.

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