Super Junior Heechul Makes Whopping Donation to Help School Violence Victims

Credit: SMTOWN/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: SMTOWN/YouTube Screenshot

Super Junior Heechul started helping more people despite the recent backlash he suffered from.

Heechul recently sparked concerns due to the statements he offered regarding different issues. He was also called out for the way he spoke about several topics, including school violence, Korea-Japan issues, and his former co-member, Kangin.

Following the criticisms, the K-pop idol made a meaningful donation to help the victims of school violence.

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Super Junior Heechul Donates to Blue Tree Foundation

The Blue Tree Foundation, or The Foundation for Preventing Young Violence, released a statement confirming that Heechul donated to the organization.

The Sorry Sorry hitmaker reportedly made a donation of 100 million KRW (around $76,900) to support the healing and recovery of the young victims. MK Sports cited messages from the foundation and Heechul after the development.

"I wanted to be of help to youth who have been victims of school violence," he said. "School violence victims live with mental and physical scars for the rest of their lives. I decided to make a donation out of my hope that there will no more youth who endure pain from school violence."

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Meanwhile, Blue Tree Foundation's chairman Kim Kyung Sun extended his gratitude to the idol for supporting the organization in eradicating violence among youth. The chairman also assured them they would do their best to help the young victims have a normal and safe life again.

The Blue Tree Foundation, founded in 1995, aims to provide healing for victims while raising awareness to prevent school violence. The UN Economics and Social Council granted it with a special consultation status.

What Happened to Heechul?

Heechul made the donation after receiving mixed reactions from fans for his cursed-filled tirades about different topics, including school violence. He was also accused of offering a non-apology apology after the incident.

According to Heechul, he does not think he was wrong when he cursed on specific topics. Still, he said he's sorry to the fans who had been hurt because of his words and action.

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