Im Si Wan Reveals He Initially Turned Down Villain Role in Netflix’s Hit Movie Unlocked — Here’s Why

Credit: NETFLIX ASIA/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: NETFLIX ASIA/YouTube Screenshot

Im Si Wan reflected on his role in the now-hit Netflix film, Unlocked.

After his 2021 appearance on Emergency Declaration in his first villain role, Im Si Wan scored another antagonist character in the newly-released Korean thriller film. Dropped on Feb. 17, the series tells the story of an ordinary office worker who loses her smartphone. She begins to receive threats as her personal information is exposed through the phone.

It is based on Shiga Akira's Japanese novel of the same title.

Although it continues to become one of the hit shows on Netflix, Im Si Wan revealed that he initially turned down the role.

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Why Im Si Wan Almost Did Not Appear on Unlocked

In a recent interview with The Korea Times, the 34-year-old actor revealed that he initially did not accept the offer to play the character. However, he eventually accepted it because of his co-star, Kim Hee Won.

"I initially turned down the offer because I was afraid that my role might have a negative influence on society," Im Si Wan explained. "However, actor Kim Hee-won (who also starred in the film) persuaded me into playing the protagonist, Jun-yeong. It was a tightly-knit script with a cathartic end."

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In Unlocked, he plays the role of a stalker and murderer named Jun Yeong. He finds the phone owned by Chun Woo Hee's Nami and installs spyware in it before returning it to her. Through the tracker, he finds out everything about her. Thus, he starts destroying her life.

For Im Si Wan, he reportedly tried to approach his character as spontaneously to perfectly portray a murderer who has no definite motive for doing his crimes.

With that, he saw him as a "daring, insane character."

How Unlocked Highlights Society's Problem

In the same interview, Im Si Wan shared his thoughts about Unlocked highlighting the current problem in society. He talked about privacy breaches and how it could affect people around the globe.

The film's plot is relatable as people are using smartphones almost all the time. In fact, the film affected him to the point that he changed his phone passcode to the most complex one to protect his privacy.

Unlocked is currently streaming on Netflix.

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