Summer Time Rendering Casts the Mysterious Haine Ahead of Episode 5 Premiere

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Summer Time Rendering has had its share of mysterious characters who may or may not be Shadows of real residents of Hitogashima. So it's no surprise that Episode 5 will introduce yet another strange figure who could change things around the island town. It has just been confirmed that Misaki Kuno will play Haine, a new character who will be introduced in the anime's fifth episode.

The announcement was made by the official Summer Time Rendering Twitter account which also revealed our first look at the character. Haine appears as a young girl wearing a red kimono. Check it out below.

We don't know much about Haine but the previous episode has already made a reference to the character. In Summer Time Rendering Episode 4, Shinpei Ajiro was captured by Shadow-Mio who begins to torture him while revealing the Shadows' ultimate plan: they want to resurrect their sleeping "mother." But before Shadow-Mio could explain further, she is shot by the woman on the ferry who Shinpei encountered in the first episode.

We won't reveal much by Haine is connected to the Shadows' sleeping mother. With that in mind, we can't wait to see the new character when Summer Time Rendering Episode 5 premieres this week.

The anime previously added a voice actor for Shiori Kobayakawa, who was played by Rie Kugiyama. Shiori is a third-grader living with her parents who run the supermarket KobaMart on the island town of Hitogashima. A few days after she revealed that she saw someone who looked exactly like her, Shiori drowned while swimming in the sea, and Ushio, who tried to save her, also lost her life. The girl is actually the 'shadow' Shiori, who killed the real Shiori and took her place.

Summer Time Rendering Episode 5 is titled Vortex ("Uzu") and will be broadcast on Friday, May 13, 2022.


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