Suicide Squad’s Captain Boomerang Shares Thoughts on The Flash’s Cameo

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There's another new detail that came out for Suicide Squad just days before its theatrical launch.

Remember the report on The Flash's cameo in the movie? It seems that the surprise wasn't just meant for us fans. Even one actor was reportedly pleasantly surprised when it was revealed—despite the fact that the scene happens with him in it!


Cinema Blend caught up with Captain Boomerang actor Jai Courtney, who revealed that he was just as surprised to see for the first time that The Flash had, in fact, made it to the movie.

"That was, whether it was something they knew or not, it was never mentioned [to me]. And so I am probably of the belief that was all by design in order to f**king; you know, just keep it [secret]. I don't know how it got leaked, but I would have assumed they wouldn't have dropped the gem until, you know, they would have just let people see the movie."

Courtney is right about one thing though—the studio far from made the knowledge leak. If anything, sharp-eyed fans managed to spot the possibility of The Flash being in the scene based on the Easter Egg find in the official trailer.

It's among the other interesting Easter Eggs that fans have seen in the trailer so far, with the Rick and Morty shout-out being my favorite one. But I have to say, this solid evidence that The Flash is in Suicide Squad gives a big dose of hope that the antiheroes will be part of the bigger DC cinematic universe in the future.

Suicide Squad is coming to theaters on Aug. 5.

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