Suicide Squad Mid-Credits Scene and The Flash Cameo Confirmed

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As you prepare to get in tune with your inner baddie once Suicide Squad hits theaters next week, you may want to take some notes before going to the movies.

Fans have been confirming two things about the movie that will make you want to stay glued to your seats from start to end, so you don't risk missing out on anything. First, there's the mid-credits scene that supposedly very important, reported.


There's no word on what the scene will be exactly, but it's better to just stick around and see it yourself instead of reading about spoilers. But once you're past that, it seems that there won't be any after-credits scenes anymore.

More importantly, it seems that one DC superhero is confirmed to be part of the movie. We've reported earlier that one scene in the Suicide Squad trailer was speculated to have shown the same lightning effect that The Flash emits in the Justice League trailer.

The Hollywood Reporter had stated that Ezra Miller, who plays the role of The Flash, has just wrapped up a scene that will be part of Suicide Squad. What's even more interesting is that the additional scene will not be the expected mid-credits scene, but one that is in the actual movie.

I have to say, if those last-minute shots were unplanned, then that must've been one heck of a wrap. But then again, if the Justice League trailer was some form of teaser, then Suicide Squad may just bring my faith back in the Justice League Plan.

We'll just see when Suicide Squad hits theaters on Aug 5.

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