Rick and Morty Creators Thrilled at Justice League Trailer Easter Egg

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Who's been hitting the replay button over and over again in the Justice League SDCC 2016 trailer? I am!

While I'm pretty sure that it's not just me, fans have a reason to check out the video one more time. In particular, fans of the hit cartoon series Rick and Morty will have something to smile about.

Ezra Miller's the Flash had been a very well-received character with his undeniable comedy ("I need… friends"), the little Rick and Morty Easter Egg happens during his dialogue with Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne.

Vulture caught one fan who had enhanced a snapshot of the scene. In the original trailer, there's a TV behind Bruce while he's talking to Barry Allen. The clip being shown in the TV is none other than the scene from Rick and Morty's Something Ricked This Way Comes episode.


Obviously, the cartoon is blurry, but Twitter user @George_404 has enhanced it in a neat little collage, seen below.

So for fans who may have missed it, don't worry. You were probably too engrossed with the trailer itself, which you can watch again below.


Even Rick and Morty creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon were very much surprised and pleased at the Easter Egg.


And for those who are wondering, the Easter Egg is legit. Another fan @TheSpencerPerry had spotted another scene showing Rick very clearly in one of Barry's many screens.


It is quite the cool find, and one that adds another reason why you should watch the Justice League trailer again. And again. Though I doubt you need another reason other than the fact that it's one of the coolest trailers at the event.

Justice League is coming to theaters in 2017. Rick and Morty's third season is targeted to air sometime late this year.

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